February 20, 2010

Dogs, Cats & Goldfish vs. Chicken, Cows & Dolphins.

Why do we love pets…but kill animals?

This post is inspired by my friend Gary Smith’s recent post on, yes, Facebook. Disclosure: while I am vegetarian, and appreciate those who bother to eat mindfully-raised and sourced animals as opposed to the true horrors of factory farms, I am not vegan.

Over to Gary:

Gary Smith:

“Most of us have an ethical issue with placing one group of human beings above another. Yet we don’t have a problem stating that dogs, cats, dolphins and whales deserve love and protection, while cows, pigs, turkeys and chickens can be violently abused for human pleasure.”



It makes no sense – Hayden Panettiere protested the dolphin slaughter in the documentary The Cove, but then she made a milk mustache commercial! Just amazing.


So true. Regarding Hayden, she’s young and has her heart in the right place. We have to understand that the dairy industry has  powerful and influential lobbyists telling all of us that milk is not only good, it’s THE HEALTHIEST thing for us. It’s years of conditioning. The nice thing is that a person like Hayden has her heart in the right place so it will only take letting her in on the knowledge to help her take it to a whole new level of wisdom AND action.


You’re right Lea! I know she must be a kind person. Those milk mustache ads just make me crazy – they are plastered all over the elementary school gyms here. I know someday they will seem as hilarious as the doctors-recommending-cigarette ads from the 50’s!


Bonnie, I know. It’s frustrating. I have a dear friend with kids that hates meat and she makes her kid eat it because she truly believes it’s necessary for her child’s health and well-being. It’s tough to change people’s minds when they have been taught their whole lives that something is necessary for their good health. We need big big changes…KEEP THE FAITH!

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