February 5, 2010

I have a yoga crush on Kate Lillecrapp, of Fila.

The Fila Girl.

Kate Lillecrapp.

I met her at Yoga Journal Conference Estes Park 2009.

I talked her up a bit, she was alternately shy and strong, snappish. I kept calling her “the Fila Girl,” she finally told me to shut up. But we also talked seriously about elephant and had lunch with Ed and Deb and went to a talk by TKV and had weak tea by the ancient YMCA fireplace with new friends and said goodbye in the night with my buddy Toby of Tripsichore.

Beautiful accent. Humor. A hunger to learn. Motivated to succeed, without being self-referential.

We got to know each other (thoroughly platonically, we both had better halfs, and besides she’s wayyy to good for me). But meeting Kate inspired me to remember what I wanted in life, in love, in marriage.


You can see it in this video, which she just sent my way via good ol’Facebook.

Fila should consider itself very smart, and very lucky, for using her as its muse as it moves into the yoga market. Video:

Check out Fila’s Spring 2010 Women’s Personal Performance Collection photo shoot featuring Fila’s Yoga Brand Ambassador Kate Lillecrapp with commentary from Fila’s Director of Design, Freya Tamayo.

Some photos of Kate, the model:



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