February 14, 2010

Looptworks: From Scraps to Ecofashion! ~ Elleni Cladis & Claire Lochridge

Looptworks is a newly launched clothing line that uses 100 percent pre-consumer waste to make  cool apparel for men and women.

The “pre-consumer waste” bit means that they use extra fabric from clothing production factories that would otherwise be thrown away.  These eco-friendly clothes are all limited editions, as their website explains: “Limited resources = limited consumption = limited designs.”

Review: Loved this piece! Called the Jalan Overshirt, it was super comfortable, cute and fun. The overshirt was form-fitting and the material felt good…not just because it was well made, but also because I knew every piece from this clothing line is made from 100 percent pre-consumer (never worn) excess.  The buttons and snaps were a little strong at first, but I got used to ’em quickly. ~ Elleni

Review: The Looptworks Bayan Skirt.  I loved the ease of wear; it’s made with tons of stretch, making it a great piece for going from work to the grocery or to the bar for happy hour. The hem flares, and you can make it even wider by unzipping the handy zippers on either side at the bottom (a cute design touch).  The color is a versatile grey-blue denim. I tried it out with a black fitted long-sleeved T and liked the way the two looked together. ~ Claire


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