February 4, 2010

Help The Backyard Agrarian Catch Up: VOTE!! ~via Liz Brown

Help a Boulder Company Win a $5,000 Sustainability Grant by voting for this important initiative:

The Homeowner’s Guide: 8 Simples Steps for Combating Climate Change with a Permaculture Garden.


Boulder’s own eco gardening and sustainability consulting company, Backyard Agrarian, is in the running for a $5,000 grant- but they need your votes to win!  The grant will be used to create a booklet for homeowners on how to implement climate friendly practices into their own home gardens.


What we do:

Backyard Agrarian will create and print a booklet called 8 Simple Steps for Combating Climate Change with a Permaculture Garden. It will teach homeowners exactly how to improve the environment, the planet, grow great food, create thriving ecosystems and fight climate change right in their own backyards.  8 Simple Steps will also be available for free online at Backyard Agrarian.com.

How we do it:

Through proper design, composting, mulching, swales, and beneficial plantings, our yards can sequester huge amounts of carbon!  They can also clean water and create cool zones to decrease the urban heat island effect which contributes to climate change. Instead, though, we have created ecologically dead zones in our home and commercial yard-scapes. Our yards increase climate change, destroy soil and water quality and add to our poor health and disaffection for nature, but it doesn’t have to be this way! Rather, we can and should be creating yards that boast thriving and diverse plant and wildlife habitats, lush soils with massive water storage capabilities, and delicious and nutritious edibles for ourselves and our families.

By implementing simple and totally accessible permaculture techniques, our yards can quickly become happy little warriors in the fight against climate change. Not only will permaculture yards reduce GHG emissions, sequester carbon, and cool our planet, they will make us happy, they will teach us and our children about proper ecosystems and feed us healthy food that will help us thrive on this beautiful, precious planet.

8 Simple Steps is neck and neck for first place so please vote today and ask some of your friends to do the same.  Don’t forget, after a quick sign up process, each person can vote THREE (3) times! VOTE NOW

Please support a project that could help Boulder sequester more carbon than it emits by voting [three times] for the Homeowner’s Guide: 8 Simples Steps for Combating Climate Change with a Permaculture Garden.

Liz Brown, MA, Esq. is the founder of Backyard Agrarian.  She is a former environmental lawyer and has worked in the environmental and food security movements around the U.S. for over 15 years.  Liz is dedicated to implementing simple, nature based solutions to the most pressing problems of our time.  Backyard Agrarian offers sustainability consulting as well as garden and permaculture consultations, installation and garden maintenance.

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Read 2 comments and reply

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