March 28, 2010

A Trucker Hat still Made in the USA.

ECOFASHION: Aviator Nation.

I recently posted re: my frustration that one of the most iconic and American of fashion (or anti-fashion) creations, the trucker hat / farmer cap, is now made almost exclusively overseas.

You can still buy and print on Made in the USA trucker caps, but you’ve got to look—hard. Even my trashed old McGuckin gold cap is, surprisingly, Made in China—ironic, given that McGuckin loves to brag (as well it should) about how it’s an independent, locally-owned hardware store. Support local!, they urge us. Too bad they can’t walk their own talk—and support Made in the USA.

Rant thus endeth, let the love begin.

Aviator Nation, founded by lovely cheerful chill and athletic Paige Mycoskie, is a lovely cheerful chill and athletic fashion line that is all Made in California. The colors are bright, the aesthetic is vaguely 70s yet thoroughly forward-looking. The flagship store (in Venice, California, appropriately) is one of the more gorgeous retail outfits I’ve ever walked into, and only reluctantly out of.

I live in trucker hats, have for years—they’re great for biking through Colorado blizzards (keeps the snowflakes out of your eyes), and hiding behind in cafés (where I often laptop it up). They also serve as great blinders for my ADHD eyes, helping me to focus on all blogging and no play and being a dull boy.

Aviator Nation is on the higher end of surfer wear (translation: it ain’t cheap). Much of the clothing is eco-ish, and all of it is comfy and fun.

The trucker hat is affordable, and a keeper.

elephant editor Waylon Lewis, wannabe poster boy for AN.


Aviator Nation Web Photo Shoot from Aviator Nation.

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