March 3, 2010

Bollywood Dance Workouts: Shake and Shimmy Your Way to Fabulous. ~ Elleni Cladis


I just have to start off by saying that a dream of mine was met recently.  A dream that began several years ago after watching “Bend It Like Beckham” and “Bride and Prejudice” multiple times.  A dream to, someday, learn the splendid authentic Indian dance moves that I witnessed in the aforementioned films.  A dream that, thanks to Hemalayaa Behl, was turned into a reality this past weekend.

Combining traditional, easy-to-learn Indian dance moves with upbeat music and fun workout sessions, Hemalayaa’s Bollywood Dance Workouts most definitely will add some flavor and a little something extra to your exercise routine.  Thanks to Hemalayaa’s ever-present smile, positive attitude, and awesome dance moves/workouts, these videos will get you in shape while simultaneously put you in high spirits. Indeed, Hemalayaa warns that side-effects may include laughing, smiling and feeling great about yourself.

I, personally, shimmied and exercised my way through four different workouts:

Bollywood Booty: “Lift and firm your backside: Burn fat and calories, Laugh, Smile, Enjoy”

Bollywood Dance Workout: “For all fitness & experience levels: Cardio, Sculpting, Stretching, Boosts energy & mood”

Bollywood Burn: “Beginners and beyond: Tone your core, hips and thighs, Lose weight, dance away stress”

Bollywood Dance Blast: “Dance away calories, carbs and your cares: Having fun while you lose pounds and inches”

Overall, I thought the work-outs made exercising immensely entertaining (which is something I haven’t experienced in a while) and I liked how I got so into the dance moves and the groove-tastic beats, that I almost forgot I was even working out – an enjoyable exercise? Hear, hear.

I did have a lot of fun working out with these videos, but at first, I had a hard time letting loose and going for it, as she suggested.  Hemalayaa really hammered home a point that, in addition to fitness and good spirits, these videos were to let you release emotions and inhibitions, while learning some “saucy” moves you’ll want to “sashay and strut” around the dance floor.  At the beginning, I was almost incredulous, like “no way, I’m not going to really go for it because it’s 2 pm on a Saturday and I’m in my apartment.”  But seriously, you can’t help getting into it – it’s trés fun.

Because you’re going to be throwing down some big moves, make sure you have a substantial amount of space and because you’re going to be learning some “saucy” dance moves, you might want to make sure you’re in a comfortable environment – whether in a public park, in your living room with your blinds drawn closed, somewhere with your significant other…it all just depends, to each their own.

So get up, put a smile on, have a great time and shake your groove thang to these irresistible Bollywood Dance Workouts with Hemalayaa.

Below are some clips from her DVDs

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