March 30, 2010

One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for Contraceptives

Via Lauren Egdahl of NewEraNews.org

After decades of taking pills that make us have mood swings and bloat, ladies? We can finally rest.

In a study by the National Research for Family Planning in Bejjing, 1,000 male participants were injected with what is hopefully a new form of male birth control. In the study, all of the male participants were between the ages of 20 and 45 and had all proven to be fertile, having had at least one child within the two years previous to the study. All of the participants were also in intimate relationships with reproductively healthy women between the ages of 18 and 38.

The study lasted for two years and at the end of the trial period, only 1 in 100 men had fathered a child. Looking at this testosterone-based male contraceptive as 99 percent effective, it can be compared to the effectiveness of the female birth control pills that are already in use, given that 1 to 2 percent of women who use the pill still become pregnant.

Could this be the next step in the evolution of contraception?

As always, there are many views on a possible male birth control, both positive and negative. Many people are arguing against this new form of birth control, claiming that men are not responsible enough to keep up with the injections since they are not the ones getting pregnant if they forget to renew their shot.

The main counter argument to this is that the shot is intended for men who are in committed relationships and who will ultimately see the consequence of their irresponsibility via their pissed off and pregnant girlfriend/wife.

For the men who are not in committed, STD-free relationships, we would hope that they are still aware that while they most likely will not get girls preggers with these injections, they are not protected from sexually transmitted disease. Like female birth control, this is not a magical shot that makes sex completely safe. Some people are worrying that if men aren’t using condoms then there will be a surge in STD transmission. But people, let’s remember that female birth control pills don’t protect against STDs either.

Not to sound like a creepy sex ed. instructor, but- boys and girls, if you and you partner haven’t been tested clean, you still need to wrap up the peen…

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