March 8, 2010

(Sometimes) “Mindful” Hipsters Party on the Party Bus. ~ Claire Flannery

Waylon asked me what are mindful things/activities that hipsters, like myself (so says he) do? [Aside from buying vintage clothes and riding fixed/single speed bicycles.] So I thought of the infamous (in Boulder) party bus, it has known, in their day, to transport hipsters from one hipster techno show to the next (Boulder Via Denver), but its demographic is mostly (trust fund) hippies.

Based in Boulder, The Basics Fund seeks “to raise funds to pay for artists health insurance while simultaneously promoting their work through publications and events.” In order to raise such funds, The Basics Fund, has a number (at least over seven) recycled school buses, a favorite of Boulder hippies and the like is the Warriors Bus. A girls’ volleyball bus converted to a comfortable couch-filled environment equipped with a DJ booth and a bathroom! These party buses not only transport hippies/hipsters to local concerts and parties, but have been known to take road trips throughout the west. There are a number of people who make the party bus happen, all the drivers are licensed and allow for party-goers to avoid drunk driving while simultaneously encouraging less cars on the road(!). The Basics Fund, in addition to raising money for artists’ health insurance, allows for mindful thinking about the environment and for our thoughtless, intoxicated youth!

As the Basics Fund grows they have “expanded with more buses, energy conversion to bio-diesel and a mobile poetry reading series.” (Although you can have a poetry reading and not waste gas). The Basics Fund, while also being mindful about the environment and the safety of riders, is promoting a subculture reminiscent of the 1960s caravan lifestyle of the young and free. The atmosphere on these buses can be both enticing and uninviting, drawing an interesting crowd depending on the event. Riders are free to stand up, dance, drink, smoke and take part in any other activities concert-goers do.  It’s an extremely laid back environment and the drivers are always super outgoing, while also laying down basic rules when riding the bus. Often times, I find the crowd to be not of my taste, lots of burners. But then again, I can’t sit here and say that I haven’t had some memorable times on that Warriors Bus. Despite my mixed feelings about the party bus, I think what The Basics Fund is doing is really fresh and innovative and it’s become a hit among CU students looking to get down in the Boulder/Denver area and beyond!

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