March 15, 2010

Voices of Haiti – Photo Essay

My friend and fellow photographer Jeremy Cowart has started a photo essay from his trip to Haiti. In addition to displaying 1 photo a day for 60 days, you can also take part in buying a photo with the money going to a great cause. There are some very moving photos in the photo essay, and the heart behind this project is to truly help those in need.

In Jeremy’s words:

“After the 7.0 earthquake rocked Haiti on January 12th of this year, I was deeply moved as most of you were. For days I watched as the television flashed images of gloom and doom… dead bodies, crumbled buildings… It just felt like a heartless display of numbers and statistics. “How were the people feeling?” I wondered. I was tired of hearing endless reports from strangers that just arrived to this devastated nation. So I decided to go to Port-Au-Prince myself and ask them directly. My question was simply “What do you have to say about all this?” This photo essay reveals the many answers to that question.”

Turns out, the photos and answers are stirring and put a human face to this tragedy. It’s weird looking at people in this light, and imagining them having the time to be a part of an art project. But in the middle of disaster, art brings beauty, healing, and hope. In addition to that, the money raised in this project goes back to the people of Haiti via the Home in Haiti project.

It’s also worthy to note, that in Jeremy’s travels he saw World Vision on the ground throughout the affected areas doing humanitarian work and also tweeted that they were the most represented humanitarian charity organization on the ground. If you thought religion was not sustainable or always leads to wars and fighting, try asking the people in Haiti who received life-saving food and assistance from a religious-based organization in their time of need.

I encourage you all to check out the photos, and if you’d like to contribute to the cause, buy a print or two!

Blog by Rusty Ralston, Photos on blog by Jeremy Cowart

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