April 25, 2010

Our traffic compared with planetgreen.com (Green), treehugger.com (biggest Green), inhabitat.com (Green), gaiam.com (LOHAS)

elephant journal dot com Traffic Report

I’ve compared ele to a few sites above that I like, respect, and that have some direct connection to our demographic and editorial focus. ~ Waylon Lewis, ed.

According to Google Analytics, our monthly unique visitors (meaning someone could come to our site 30 times a month, but they’d only count as one visitor) are at 164,000. Our growth has been steady, since it’s based on twitter and facebook, as well as google, of course—it’s not based on temperamental sources like Digg or Stumbleupon, which can flood your site with one-time visitors, who rarely click through to ads, and then leave you high and dry the next week.

Recently, thanks to some awards, increased diversity of Columnists (not just me, Waylon Lewis, writing) and our Facebook Page in particular, our growth has been faster, and we’ve been able to sustain our growth.

According to Compete, our traffic is at 98,000. Not sure how they’re measuring, but in any case they’re measuring apples to apples, when it comes to comparing us with other sites, even if Google Analytics has different ways of measuring. Since sites embed Google Analytics directly in their site, my understanding is that GA is a detailed and accurate way of measuring clicks, traffic, impressions, unique visitors, bounce rate, traffic sources etc.

Want to help elephant raise our journalistic bar, and bring in new voices, and grow to become a national voice for the many paths to the mountaintop that is “the mindful life”?

June 17 is our deadline for sustainability or bust!

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