April 15, 2010

elephant review: lucy yoga wear. ~ Elleni Cladis & Claire Lochridge

elephant received samples for free.

The lucy Perfect Core collection.

Flattering, practical, supports good cause, not eco.

Review: lucy Perfect Core Razorback and Perfect Core Pants

I’m just going to come right out and say it – I loved these pieces!

As they are both part of the Perfect Core family, they share similar fantastic qualities of lucypowermax and xBar technology ( I looked it up).  Let me explain.  The lucypowermax basically is a package of set design qualities for the ultimate workout, which became apparent after I put the pieces to a cardio test.  Both are extremely form-fitting and stretchy, yet still retain their shape – which I feel to be exactly what you want in work-out apparel (plus, they look awesome).  They also have moisture wicking which essentially draws moisture away from the body – that was a very nice feature especially for the built-in sports bra of the razorback.

And then there was this feature called xBar technology which was pretty amazing.  lucy describes this as “a zoned power mesh support system offering key muscle groups targeted compression to maximize body alignment and technical form during your workout.”  So when I went for my run, I didn’t really read the tags beforehand.  But my abs were definitely more engaged than usual, and when I got back, I looked at the tags and read about the feature specifically  for the Perfect Core items, which targets your abs and lower back “reminding you to keep your core engaged and body in alignment.”  Very nice.

So yes, overall: these pieces feel good, are great for workouts and are super cute – whether you’re using them for yoga, the gym or a cardio session.

Check them out below and visit lucy’s website!

In Love with the Karma Racerback and Hatha Power Pant

I have to say, I feel hot in this outfit!  Not like temperature hot, as the fabric (Supplex/lycra) does a good job of staying cool and dry, but you know, I typically wear pajama-style pants from a few years back and whatever cami is clean that day, for a very, let’s call it “laid back” style to yoga class.  The outfit lucy sent for review combines two form-fitting pieces in jet black with a cute aqua flowery design along the pant waistband. The pieces complement each other well; I feel like I found the “little black dress” of yoga wear!

First, the pants:

The Hatha Power Pant has a really cute cut, slim along the hip and thigh, with a boot leg.  It has a low rise at the waist, and the colored waistband detail sits even lower at a flattering line along the hip and across the tailbone.  They feel cool to the touch yet sturdy.  These babies won’t be pilling and pulling anytime soon.  The stretch is nice; you know how after a series of sitting-to-standings you have to switch to a one-handed pose so you can tug at the back of your pants to avoid the plumber look?  These stay put- aaahhhh!

When a pant is so nicely made, with a flattering cut like these, you really can wear the black out and about to more places than just your yoga class.  Plus, girl to girl: the inseam is actually comfortable.  That’s all I’ll say about it…One last fun feature is a small pocket about a hand’s width where you can stash your cash, in the front waistband.  It’s basically hidden—I love little details like that!

Now the top:

The Karma Racerback tops off the pants perfectly. It is almost tunic-length on me (5’6”) but stays put whether pulled lower or worn up higher on the hips.  I love the “sweetheart” neckline that is ruched in the bust, and the detail in back.  The strap in back actually slides back and forth; the racerback isn’t sewn together, allowing the top to accommodate all movement.

The only awkward feature of the Karma is the inclusion of “lucy cupcakes.”  They are foam cups that add support.  I wasn’t sure how I felt about them, and then I discovered they are removable, which is a nice option to have.  You can flaunt them or not, depending on the day. Hey, who doesn’t want a little lift now and then?

A really nice design feature is the shelf bra itself that these “cupcakes” slide into; it is actually ventilated in the middle with a smooth mesh strip, contributing to the overall “cool” feel of the top.

Specswise: yes, the compressive wicking stretch etc. is nice.  I get a little lost in all the fabric terminology lucy uses.  You can check it out at the site though. Each item has its own list of fabric specifications, pulled from about 15 potential features. Don’t worry about the pants being “compressive”—they’re the appropriate tightness but not suffocating or squeezing.  The top, on the other hand, does feel compressive the first couple times, especially with the cupcakes in it, but stretches slightly and becomes more comfortable with wear.  I do like the idea that it feels this way because lucy specific core compression (a feature of the Karma) provides targeted muscle support and reduces muscle fatigue. I’ll take a shirt that feels tight but ameliorates my performance any day!

Yoga Deeds: In September 2009 Seane Corn teamed up with lucy to raise awareness for Off the Mat, Into the World. Seane modeled the lucy Hatha Yoga Pant at a rooftop shoot in Portland in 104 degree weather, striking beautiful inverted poses and complimenting the pant’s design. For the month of September, National Yoga Month, 5% of all sales of this pant went to Off the Mat, Into the World, which was founded by Seane.

Seane Corn for lucy yoga month:

Seane Corn on the lucy Hatha Pant during International Yoga Month:

Seane Corn on Off the Mat, Into the World:

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