May 4, 2010

Justin Kan, Scott Prindle, Waylon Lewis on Alex Bogusky’s Fearless Q&A talk show. Video:

Update: Most of the post below is original, previous to my guest spot on Alex Bogusky’s Fearless Q&A talk show. Video is now below. ~ed.

Talk Show today, 12 MST. Video will appear below.


Alex Bogusky doesn’t learn from his Mistkaes.

You know that conventional wisdom about the importance of learning from your mistakes? Alex doesn’t buy it.

(Via AdWeek):

“I’ve never learned anything from my mistakes,” Bogusky said. “Again, I hate conventional wisdom. Conventional wisdom is learning from your mistakes. What about learning from your successes? That’s where I’ve focused [my energies]. Like, this works, we better get down and study on this.”

Love this. It immediately made me think, perhaps for the first time, of what I’ve done right: growing our magazine and now web site step by step; growing our FB Page super-quickly super-suddenly just by asking people to spread the love, something they can do for free…it’s funny, we really never to think on what we’ve done right, and try and replicate and refine and re-up that.

Why am I reading AdWeek? Well, I’m not—I’m preparing for my appearance, with Justin Kan (founder of Justin.tv) on Alex’s FearLess talk show. Over the last year or so, elephant and Alex and Co (a little ad agency called Crispin Porter + Bogusky (CP+B) that has been named the best on the planet) have grown closer connected—and over the last month or so Alex has personally become really helpful to myself in these turbulent, but promising times of transition from old media to new.

Alex Bogusky, Modern Mad Man, is FearLess.

FearLess will be live-streamed (on Justin.tv, of course), if you’d like to tune in. You can tweet in your questions (or type ’em in directly, on Justin.tv/fearlessqa) for Alex to ask us. Be bold, be thoughtful, be spontaneous, be unforgivably rude.

Watch live video from Fearless QA on Justin.tv

Ladies and gentlemen: mark your calendars.

A recent FearLess with our good friends at Bcycle, a public bike sharing system:

Watch live video from Fearless QA on Justin.tv

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