May 21, 2010

Best shoe yet: TOMS Shoes + Charity: Water.

I’m in.

Wear your heart on your sleeve? Howwabout your cause on your feet.

While TOMS may not last long, or be fair labor, yet, or eco-responsible (with one great exception, one of three TOMS pairs I’m proud wear), they’ve kicked the ball out of the park on this one: both of these TOMS/Charity: Water styles are “made from sustainable fabric.”

Via Ecouterre:

Retailing at $58 per pair, the two vegan-friendly TOMS Shoes for Charity: Water styles are made from hemp, recycled PET, and recycled EVA scraps. Plus…they’ll have limited availability only for as long as it takes to fund the well…read the rest over at Ecouterre, which boasts a great TOMS and Charity:Water slideshow, too.

And, as always, TOMS are stylish…and most importantly, when you buy-one, they give-one to a child…evoking that Buddhist aphorism I grew up hearing:

If you want to be happy, think of others first. If you want to be unhappy, think of yourself first.

Compared with all other shoe lines, this inspirational sustainable business continues to be elephant’s favorite “mindful” shoe on Planet Earth. They’ve raised the bar so high, it’s getting harder to find areas for improvement.

(But we’ll keep trying) ~ ed.


More info via this excerpt from Tonic:

…hard to believe that approximately one billion people struggle to have clean, safe drinking water. The absence of something we take for granted everyday in developed nations, is so tragic.Disease-ridden water kills more people each year than all matters of violence, combined, including war, according to Charity: Water, the nonprofit organization that builds clean-water wells in communities without access to safe water. Women and children are especially susceptible as they are they are the ones to fetch the water, and who easily fall ill from dirty water…read the rest over at Tonic.

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