June 18, 2010

Bad day? Buddhist solution is counter-intuitive: think about others’ welfare.

Chögyam Trungpa: Nevermind the Bollocks.

Well, Trungpa Rinpoche didn’t say that, exactly. He said,

Don’t Be Swayed by External Circumstances

Although your external circumstances may vary, your practice of exchanging yourself for others should not be dependent on that. Whether you are sick or well, rich or poor, have a good reputation or bad reputation, you should practice mind training.

It is very simple: if your situation is right, breathe that out to the world; if your situation is wrong, breathe that in, taking it on yourself.

From Training the Mind and Cultivating Loving Kindness, Slogan 50, page 107 in the Shambhala Classic Edition.

Via Shambhala.

A welcome reminder, if say you’ve had a bad day, been in a fight with a loved one, lost your keys…or lost your livelihood to the BP Oil Spill…or lost your offices, staff, given up your car, and your home is in foreclosure…a reminder that this very moment is just as full and vivid and…well, right here, right now…as ever.

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