June 9, 2010

“Eco Hottie” Phillippe Cousteau on Keith Olbermann. Video.

“My greatest fear is…”

All the twitter and blog noise focused on how much of an “eco hottie” Philippe Cousteau is. And yah, he’s the grandson of that Cousteau. We’ve talked him up before—including when he joined ABC as among the first to dive into the oil spill.

He talks fluently about how BP’s “out of sight, out of mind” attempt wound up poisoning the entire Gulf. All the while, heartbreaking images of dead and dying birds, dolphins.

Keith asks Philippe: what would you do, if you were in charge? His answer is, as you can guess, dead on. Great to see this Planet Green host featured so prominently in the media, time and again. Sad that the cause is so dire, and unprecedented.

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