June 27, 2010

Eyewriter Gives Back Artistic Vision {Vice}

Every now and then, our homies over at Vice Magazine help fill out hip quota by sending us something fresh and fascinating.  James Powderly’s work is creative, driven and inspired and we’re pleased to share this piece, via Vice’s Creators Project series, featuring Powderly.

James Powderly is a featured Creator on our recently launched Creators Project site. If you are unfamiliar with James, he’s an aerospace-dropout-turned-super-hybrid-engineer-designer who co-founded Graffiti Research Lab and F.A.T. and most recently worked on the award-winning Eyewriter project which won the prestigious ARS Gold Award.

In this video James takes us through his creative steps and thoughts behind some of the biggest projects that he has worked on such as LED throwies, L.A.S.E.R. Tag, and probably the most gut-wrenching/heart-inspiring story behind the creation of Eyewriter for the graffiti legend Tempt. Tempt suffers from ALS and is virtually paralyzed by the disease. But through sheer tenacity and technology James and the group created a custom “eyewriter” that allows Tempt to once again create with just eye movements, thwarting the effect of ALS.

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