June 13, 2010

No, I will not be attending Sounds True’s 25th Anniversary Party.

twitter.com/elephantjournal: No, I would not like 2go2 ur biz’s anniversary party, even if I miss out on small talk w wannavips + free munchies.

It’s a funny thing about community—you have to walk your talk. Smiles have to be backed up by kindness. You have to support one another.

For years we reviewed Sounds True titles—after all, they were mostly right up our alley, despite a few rather new agey titles, 99% of the content was quality stuff. I went way back with the founder, Tami Simon—even happened to intro her to the man who would become her teacher, Dr. Reggie Ray. In my capacity as a sangha member and budding Buddhist businessperson, I’d figured his ability to communicate esoteric Buddhist teachings in an accessible, immediate, experiential manner would make him a breakout recording star.

But Sounds True never supported elephant—they placed exactly one ad, a deep-dish-discounted ad that was entirely thanks to one of Tami’s colleagues, and won her grudging approval. And so though we were “friends,” colleagues and continued to review their work, and though they were like elephant located in Boulder, and our demographics were joined at the hip…well let’s just say the love never did flow both ways.

To be fair, it’s like that with many businesses—like Whole Foods, or Method or Seventh Generation or Patagonia or Gaiam—leading business in your demographic pay PR hounds to beg us for reviews and press, but rarely if ever support the media they love to use so well.

So, over the years, as our love for Sounds True died a slow sad death, and we stopped reviewing their titles (never as a part of a formal decision, the pipes of love just stopped flowing), the relationship withered completely, and died.

So, no, sorry I’ll pass on your party. I’m sure I missed hobknobbing with lots of spiritual VIPs and yummy fruity desserts. But, I do send congrats. Keep it up.


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