June 10, 2010

Republican Attack Ad blames Obama for not “plugging the damn hole.”

Well worth watching…the Republicans, kung-fu like, use their own faults against Obama. Brilliant! (if politics were a sport, rather than something serious)

BP and friends (including Cheney’s colleagues at Halliburton) may’ve caused the leak. Pressure from the Republicans may have enabled coast-to-coast offshore drilling. But it’s President Obama’s fault—because, after all, the president in a democracy has absolute power.

Only Republicans could spend money putting together an attack ad that uses repeated footage of their favorite sport, and their own last President Dubya’s greatest lack-of-response failure (Katrina) against their enemy. It takes a special kind of gall, and it’s quite effective—as effective as ex-Gov. Palin’s blaming environmentalists for the BP Oil Spill.

Fact is, President Obama and the US Government, could plug all such holes—by banning offshore drilling again. But that’s something Republicans wouldn’t even consider. In fact, even now, they’re pushing for more drilling.

Hypocrisy, anyone? This ad treats this serious tragedy like a football game or chess match, with points to be won merely by staying on the offense.

Fact is, it can’t be plugged, and won’t for some time even if Obama and the US did take control. Why? Because no one knows what they’re doing. It’s all a vast, dangerous, irresponsible experiment, as Philippe Cousteau to Keith Olbermann and Bill Maher.

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Read 7 comments and reply

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