June 3, 2010

Upcoming Event: Boulder Mindfulness Conference. ~ Julia Schwab

So here it is: Boulder summers have everything. It’s over the top, the big top, the mountain top, the top of the sundae. And more is still to come. So, today I celebrate  the inaugural Boulder Mindfulness Conference, “Buddhism &  Psychology: the Art of Counseling.” Again I say, we are talking top,  really top notch, teachers who disseminate complex ideas with clarity,  simplicity, and aliveness. In this People’s Republic, let’s understand how richly varied approachess of Buddhist meditation can be. Of course we are  blessed by Naropa’s pivotal role in our community with their prominence in Contemplative Education. That being said, “The Art of Counseling” is  co-sponsored by Naropa and Faces Conferences, an organization bringing  high caliber speakers, authors, and educators all together from the worlds  of psychology, neuroscience, therapy and social work, mental health, and  addictions.

The roster of  presentations dips — double dips — triple dips into inspiring levels of mindfulness application. For four days at the end of July, Boulder is privileged to host

> Jack Kornfeld, PhD: Transformative Principles of Buddhist Psychology
> Dan J. Siegel, MDMindsight & Neural Integration, a Scientific  Exploration of Personal Transformation
> Ron Siegel, PsyD: Tailoring Mindfulness: Fitting the Practice to the Problem
> Karen Kissel Wegela, PhD: Beyond Mindfulness; Cultivating the Heart
> Jack  McAndrew, PhD: Mindfulness, Being with the In Between

The setting, again, you know — tops, at the St. Julien Hotel and Spa. The only thing not tops about the conference is tuition. There  are even discounts available for Jack Kornfeld’s day of Keynote speaking.  More information, interviews, and video links about this uplifting event  will unfold on elephant as we near July’s end.

Faces Conferences & Naropa University

The Boulder Mindfulness Conference

“Buddhism & Psychology, the Art of Counseling”

St.  Julien hotel & spa, Boulder, CO

July 28 – Aug 1, 2010

Julia Bry Schwab has been among the vanguard in experiential learning,  first in wilderness work and later in art, initiating the Art Therapy  Association of Colorado and the first Art Therapy program at the Colorado  Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. Later teaching at Colorado Womens’  College and Naropa University, she nurtured an approach to accessible and non-technical visual expression. What underlies this painting  process is an emergent awareness that is playful and  experimental.

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