July 2, 2010

An awesome invention improved by an awesome invention.

I want velcro on my bike so I can use Google Maps. I want velcro by my tub for movie watching.

Seems everyone’s seen this video by now—at least, everyone with an iPad…but it just came up in the upteenth conversation, this one with Chris Byrne for those of you who kno him, so I figured I’d share it belatedly. We just watched half of it together in the Trident Cafe, in Boulder. Good times.

Whenever I travel, I borrow a buddy’s bicycle and ride around with one hand, the other hand holding my iPhone with google maps. It’s great. I feel like a local, never getting lost. Only problem, of course, it’s it’s dangerous and unwieldy to ride around with one hand, and dropping my iPhone would suck.

Also, I sometimes watch videos, Ted Talks, netflix, news on my laptop while taking a bath. Works pretty well, except that a drop of water or two and my whole life would implode. With this, it’d get so much easier.

iPad + Velcro from Jesse Rosten on Vimeo.

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