August 12, 2010

Top 5 ways to spice up your bike life!

Wake up, morning routine, get on bike and begin. Sound familiar?

Different toilet, same seat.

My bike and I just reached our one year anniversary.

It’s been a great year, and I love her to death, but sometimes I wish things were just a little bit more exciting. Don’t get me wrong, I care for my bike as much as the next person (her name is Weegee, she’s a Free Spirit and rolls smoother than a cinnamon bun) but even still, sometimes, you need to add some flair to your bike life to keep things interesting on the streets.

Like most meaningful relationships you reach a stage where things get comfortable. That’s not a bad thing, but certain aspects are better with slightly more luster.

If your bike life has reached the point of passe, then this list is for you!

Top 5 ways to spice up your bike life!

5. Add another bike to the mix. A freegan finds a bike by a bin and turns it into a mean ride for his daughter. Important note; make sure to discuss this with your current bike beforehand, or there could be serious jealousy issues.

4. Costumes and accessories. The team at Pimp My Bike turn a broken down rider into a beast. Get naughty.

3. Get a little more physical. Danny MacAskill doing absurd bicycle parkour to the sweet sounds of Band of Horses. Check out 3:05 for an “oh my god I can’t do that with my bike moment.” You’ll never know until you try to unleash your inner-freak.

2. Write a sexy song about your bike. Queen gives a free lesson.

1. Invite your friends. Better yet invite 4. A former schoolmate of mine and 3 friends of his recently rode a tandem bike across Canada. 4 guys, 4 causes and 1 bike! The Team started in Victoria, British Columbia and ended in Halifax, Nova Scotia. A final distance of 6185 km (3843 miles).

Check out the first 3 of 5 video episodes of their tour by clicking here.

I recently contacted fellow Haligonian and former Elementary, Junior High and High School (LMST-CW-QEH represent) amigo C. Brenton Seamone about his thoughts on the adventure.

The Tandem Tour was not just a bike ride or a charity campaign. It was a unique journey driven by the passion of four young men for their four important causes. The Tandem Experience was about exploration, enlightenment and the solidification of friendships. It was about giving back and about bringing those people who supported us along the way together in each city we passed through.

~ C. Brenton Seamone

Since finishing in July, 2010 the boys have gone their separate ways, but you can learn more about the Tandem Tour, the journey and their causes (Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada, Friends of Redtail Society, Canadian Diabetes Association and the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.) at thetandemtour.com.

Now that you’ve read the list go get your bike and try something new. No need to say thank you. I’ll be able to tell by the euphoric sounds coming from you and your bike as you burn down Broadway or Main street.

Giddy up and ride.

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