September 23, 2010

Shower of Abundance – Who Says Yogis Can’t be Rich?

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to join a group of 10 yogis and yoginis in Joshua Tree for an ashram-style retreat. Part of our practice was pulling Angel Cards – inspirational messages designed to share a little bit of the divine with us each day. While we pulled individual cards, at the beginning of the retreat, our retreat leader also pulled three cards for the group. One of those cards was “Shower of Abundance.”

The card reads:

To heal your financial situation, first give us your worries concerning money. We will guide you in order to show you how to create and accept abundance. As we work together, your financial situation will heal as fast as you’ll allow.

In this message, the hardest part for most yogis to truly live is this: accept abundance. As one retreat-goer put it, “We yogis may not be rich, but we sure know how to live.” This lead me to question, do the two have to be mutually exclusive? Can wellness professionals create and accept abundance while holding onto their knack for living the good life?

The answer, in my mind, is yes. Not only can we do it, we should do it. It is by creating and accepting abundance we can heal the stresses of day-to-day finance, creating a surplus in time, energy and money, and giving ourselves fully to our mission.

As a small business marketing consultant, I have learned a few things about helping wellness professionals market themselves. First, I have learned they are very good at what they do. Second, I have learned they do not do” marketing. They are not self-promoters, and they are often not tech-savvy. This can create a boundary when it is time for them to grow their business, and it can be a large roadblock to abundance.

Of all the marketing tips I will provide through this blog, the first one is the most important: start each day by opening yourself to abundance. Know you deserve abundance, and accept you can welcome it into your life without losing your mission. Once you have taken this first step, you will find there are inexpensive, community-based strategies all around to help you create the abundance you seek.

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