October 17, 2010

Climb Outside of Boulder and up to Boston.

The adventure begins again. The Reel Rock Tour has made way to Boston, Ma. Coming all the way from the root of rock climbing and my home, Boulder Colorado. I got to experience a new audience other then my super rock star friends from home. Joining me, my friend Max who is a route setter for the climbing gym, The Boston Rock Gym.

Lets see what happens…

I know one thing, being on this plane and writing this review with massive turbulence is kind of the same feeling I got when watching parts of the movie. Like Fly or Die with Dean Potter.

Taking adventure to a new level, or in the case a few levels, can be mind blowing and straight crazy.  It’s no longer just a rock climbing experience when sudden base-jumping is now the exit plan. In my opinion, two very serious extreme sports in the mix should be taking with extreme caution and not presented as something that anyone can do, or try. Or at least my little brother, and his friends who thought that it was amazing, and started to get ideas in their teenage boy minds.

Learning to work together like Daniel Woods and Paul Robinson was a positive way of seeing two competitive climbers come together.  Though ones arm span could be three inches longer or tiny little crimps are easier to maneuver for some, it is a balance between both encouraging the other but working your hardest to succeed.   Both boys coming from Boulder, CO., I was proud to see them take the challenge of setting the bar to some of the hardest Bouldering climbed yet.

Seeing one of the only women in the film, Lisa Rands, climb the ‘Hulk’ while swearing and struggling was a relieving moment and one of my favorite scenes because it was a true moment of challenge. It is always inspiring to see woman climb.

I think of myself pretty fit, or more then some at least. I can run up a mountain, and hike and what not. But Man o Man, the Swiss Machine is a true Machine! Not only did I feel like a total slow poke, but what he does is just insane! I don’t know what was crazier. The fact he was soloing a huge rock face, racing against the clock, or that he did it! That was just mind boggling. That is self motivation and discipline if I ever saw it.

There were other moments in the film that I thought were unnecessary, and could have been left out, but it seems to be a common theme in the Rock Climbing Indusrty. Lets see what happens for next year!

Lets get rolling…

Alex Hanifin is a Boulder local. She climbs rocks to get off the ground. She bakes to enjoy herself. And her work comes along with it all.

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Read 2 comments and reply

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