October 1, 2010

Think Green: Living in a Nightmare Economy.

Let’s face it; standing in the unemployment line is devastating. Nation wide, it’s no short line either, wrapping around like The Great Wall of China. Getting the infamous pink slip can be terrifying, but even with the devastation of losing one’s job, some people are turning their lives around and doing some serious soul searching to make sure that their next job is their dream job.

Is it possible to find your dream job? I posed this very question to Kim N. Carswell, who specializes in career transition and resume branding, “It is a very provocative question because most people want to work, feed their family and that’s it. In other words…regain their dignity after losing their job. This is like the 2009 Box Office hit “Up in the Air”, where a traveling executive’s sole purpose was to fire employees. These times are  a wake up call. This is a rebirth. After the global economy breakdown, we were forced to acknowledge that the era when one could work at the same company for thirty years has vanished.”

But can you get a dream job in this nightmare economy? Kim believes that you can find what you want even in this tough economy by adding personality to your resume and searching for green jobs. “Although the current job market is full of talented, well educated professionals, it is easy to get discouraged with the job search process, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. No, it’s not a train; it’s an opportunity to rebrand yourself for the vibrant ‘Green Job Market’,” she insists.

According to Newsweek magazine’s 2009 Green Rankings (http://greenrankings.newsweek.com/top500) of America’s Fortune 500 largest companies; Hewlett Packard, Nike, and Starbucks received top ratings for their environmental performance and changes in operations. Kim continued, “Keep in mind that all companies need marketing, accounting, communications and so on. Next time you go shopping look for the Energy Star symbol and visit their website to see if their hiring. So, let’s explore a positive approach to regenerating your employment dreams. Take a past or present downsizing, layoff, or outright termination and dream…Dream Green.”

About Kim N. Carswell: Specializing in resume writing and personal branding for professionals in career transition, Kim N. Carswell, author and Chief Executive Consultant of Persona Affairs, brings forth cutting-edge marketing strategies and introduces the power of resume branding in a tough and dwindling job market.
Carswell’s new book, Resume Branding 101: Strategies for Getting Noticed in 10 Seconds or Less, guides readers to determine their true market value while creating an “employer friendly” resume. Visit: http://www.personaaffairs.com

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