November 30, 2010

Smile – A poem of love and kindness.


(excerpt from “Blessed Womb” by Helene Rose)


Did you ever notice how one smile can change your day?

Immediately, your spirits are lifted and all is well?

One smile can change your entire day.

A feeling of joy and peace

grows inside you and

changes you

in this moment.

For this day.

Maybe forever.

If you are ready, one smile

can change you forever.

Today I received a beautiful smile

from my little girl.


The smile radiated from her mouth

to her cheeks

to her eyes

and her entire face was smiling at me.

She was glowing.

The light of her smile

reached to me

and filled me with

joy, peace and love.

Her smile reminded me of

the beautiful perfection

of this moment.

This one moment turns

into a thousand more moments of

joy, peace and love.

As her mother, my role is to

allow the unfolding of her smiles

and her laughter each moment of each day.

I can do that.

I can create a space of beauty, joy and freedom

for her spirit to soar and her

Light to shine bright.

Walk slowly today.

See your smile.

See your smile even before it reaches your mouth.

The moment before it takes physical form.

Notice your smile grow and unfold

within you.

Walk slowly today.

See the smile of your friend.

Ask your friend to see her smile even before it reaches her mouth.

The moment before it takes physical form.

Notice her smile grow and unfold

within her.

Your smile is always there,

waiting to be noticed.

Your smile is always there,

ready to take physical form.

Give your smile some attention

so that it may take physical form.

Walk slowly today.

Stop for a moment to observe yourself.

What makes you smile inside?

What makes your friend smile inside?

Smile at each other

and bask in the beauty

of each other’s perfect light.

Your perfect light is waiting to smile and shine for all to see.

Smile at Mother Earth and

let us bask in the beauty of Her perfect light.

Walk slowly today.

See the smile of Mother Earth.

See her smile the moment before it takes physical form.

That is the moment that we offer

Her our kindness.

She sees our kindness and smiles.


Allow the unfolding of Mother Earth’s smile.

We can do this.

We can be kind to Mother Earth.

Her smile is in every flower,

every fruit, every mountain,

every plant, every stream,

every ocean and also in ourselves.

For we are one with Mother Earth.

It is Her who gives life to us.

It is us who gives life to Her.

Smiling at each other.

One smile that changes

the moment

the day

and our lives forever.

This poem along with many more are available in Helene’s book of poetry, Blessed Womb – Inspirational Poems to Warm the Heart and Womb.

What others are saying:

“Blessed Womb is indeed a blessing. The gentle honesty of Helene’s writing
leads us within to our own relationships with ourselves, our bodies and our
beloveds. Her poems are a pathway to celebrating the inborn power of women.”
TERRA RAFAEL, midwife, mother, author

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Read 6 comments and reply

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