November 14, 2010

The Jesus Christ effect : being a yogi in times of dark ages

Love. Be love. Give love. Love without judgments, feel without reacting, respond with compassion, love and kindness. Be good. Be light. All messages of enlighten wisdom. Universal values of conduct to establish a solid foundation of character to grow through the survival of relationship with others and to live in sync with the law of nature, change. Peace and Love.

Why is that when a message of such powerful creative energy is given, there are others who turn against it? I call it the Jesus Christ effect: when an scenario of no drama is given, when we are presented with an argument that debates only the truth of what is as it is, when it is, it happens that humans, we want to destroy that contrast which is accentuating our weakness as they are, when they are. It is before such a demanding standard of reflection when the human vices want to dirty what is clean, to degenerate what is pure, to corrupt what is truthful. I call it the Jesus Christ effect. We will find any possible excuse to justify why we should cruxify that person that is reflecting such a high vibrational light that demands such a discipline form the self, one of goodness and true.

The converstaion I had with my guru back when my then circle of friends were mad at me because of how I mourned death. I felt their anger and it was hurtful and made me feel confused.  I found no way for them to understand that  I believe dying is a great blessing, a trascendental journey part of life, an event to remain peaceful, I mean if everybody dies it can’t be something to be afraid of. That is what I know somehow. But my then friends felt very upset and their judgement was that I was not being good when I chose to not darken the world to honor our friend’s death. I mean, they really believed I did not care and treated me with no mercy. It was dark and I shared my state of confusion with my teacher. Was I really such a bad person?

My teacher, who has experienced people from all kinds,  smiled with tenderness and explained with confidence that this behaviour is part of being a human being. “Look what we did to Jesus”, he said…we cruxified him when all he preached was love, trust, true principles of being a good yogi. To be equanimous. Who through it all kept his practice non judgmental , recognizing that humans sometimes need forgiveness because we do not know what we are doing. We are ignorant of a higher state of vibration. He said to me that that the situation was reflecting to me where I was in my own path as a yogi. The yogi reaches a point in practice when the better he becomes, the worst is perceived specially when in disagreement with others. And then he said that is then when once either stagnates in the same vibration, in company with the same circle of people lowering your vibration to not be in disharmony, or when you detach and release a good wish for all and move on from such company. To a higher vibrational circle of friends.  It is part of the yoga path. Because the yogi ‘s direction is always towards reaching enlightmentt. And what is enlightment?

When you feel liken preaching, be an example.

Yes, be prepared. The stronger your practice gets, the more challenging Mara becomes. When you feel darkness in people, be the light…so they can see.

Don’t take things personally unless they are personal, and if they are, be personal with them; remember whoever is doing you wrong that it is not against you, but againts themselves who in a period of dark ages don’t understand anything about energy and vibration, nothing about the Universe.  And when preaching your good, remember the Jesus Christ effect:  even if you are the son of god, you will be cruxified for bringing good into the dark ages. And if still,  you want to be the light, remember you are being a yogi in times of dark ages…and meditate.

Learn to forgive.

Learn to smile.

Learn to be happy.

love & light


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