December 29, 2010

My tepid response to a nutty reader’s letter with a good point. {Nudity}

Jasper Johal’s yoga models: perfect. In a bad way.


I recently received the below letter of feedback. We love feedback. It helps us improve—even when, as below, it’s a bit “nut.” ~ ed

“You all are nut.”

On Dec 15, 2010, at 7:10 AM, XXXXXXXXXXX wrote:

In the seventies when I would walk into the front door of my house, my fifty something mom would be in the living room standing on her head. I would thank god that I had not brought someone home who might see this and cause me embarrassment. I was at the age where her very existence embarrassed me. Now I can appreciate what she was doing.

Your impossibly beautiful and young models are effective advertising. They are taller and thinner, and more all that than I have ever been at any age. Your advertising is effective because it makes your readers want to be something that very few of us can ever be. Yoga was invented to aid in meditation and meditation was invented to get us to arrive at a place where we discover who we really are.

I know, I know. You all are in the business of selling and you have to do what you have to do. However, this notion is a feedback loop and you are ensconced in it.

I am not going to be reading or subscribing to your journal any time soon. You all are nut. In my opinion.

There are those of us
who awake each day
to find ourselves
on a mountain pass.

My half-befuddled, 1/10th defensive, 2/5ths amused reply:

Who are you talking to? We don’t advertise Jasper Johal…

We’ve done some blogs on his beautiful work, is that what you mean? We don’t make money off of his calendars or anything, and the yoga teachers (men and women, I might add) in his calendars are all empowered, and tastefully represented. Though, yes, they tend to be rather ‘perfect,’ just like many fashion spreads—you have a point there.

Are you not in the business of selling, as you say? Is life free for you? Do you make money? We all have to. Even Indian yogis had to. We try and do so in keeping with Right Livelihood. If we’re off, we say so–or you can, and we’ll publish your letter, below, as a criticism of us on our own site.

Finally, you can read three articles free, every day. By no means do you need to subscribe. I would guess that you’d approve of 90% of our yoga articles, which are generally detailed, fun, personal, helpful. And quality.



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