December 23, 2010

Join the revolution of the Ego

Planet X, Mayan prophecies, Aquarius Era, the day of the final Judge, Apocalipsis, whatever your vision, whatever your theory, whichever your belief, surely you are getting ready for it.

Aren’t you?

Regardless of the expectation each of us has about what the future holds, in the unknown territory of topics that touch “THE END of the world as we know it”,  being ready for it spiritually seems to be in everybody’s priorities, just take a look at how many religions and spiritual practices exist.

If we strip all these practices of their ornaments and rituals, we find that they all call the “individual” to reflect on the self. In this observation, the self is asked to forget about the world and detach from what we call EGO if we ever want to taste the bliss of paradise.

The EGO is what we call ” I” – what I think I am. I attach to the idea of my-self and project who I am into others. I see what I am and therefore I see in others what I see in myself. The Ego is that which gives us identity in our world. Considering the state of our world, no wonder the EGO gets attacked and blamed as being a bad influence. We suffer because of it! so then it comes the divine council to detach from the Ego which seems to be based in the idea that the Ego has the quality to not see itself as it is, but as it wants it to be, and creates itself in the realm of illusion.

This idea might sound romantic but it really isn’t, because reality keeps appearing before me over and over either making my illusion a disappointment or a place of craving. So, according to our ancient sacred practices of spirit, detaching from my Ego, gives me the space to actually BE who I am and not dwell on who I wish I was, based on my EGO. And being who I am is just well…awesome…when the Ego is not around that is.

It just happens that detaching from anything, not only the Ego, is really hard work! It takes discipline, practice and huge confidence on the divine.  I have a hard time detaching from my loved ones, from my favorite music, from friends, from life, from french fries, sushi, technology, writing, yoga, singing – the list goes on and on. The more I try to detach the more I attach to my desire to detach and the less possible it seems…unless you meditate of course.

But not everybody likes meditation, and according to all the prophecies we do not have much time left, new beginnings are already in motion and the “end of the world”  as we know it seems closer than ever.

So then…if centuries have gone by and only but a few have accomplished the detachment of the Ego, why not forget the whole idea of detachment and try something different for the benefit of ALL.

Why don’t I make my new year resolutions  list starting:

*Since I have so much trouble detaching from the Ego, why don’t I just start its revolution. Revolutions seem to have great motivational power and usually a revolution fights for greater values.

I say, since I can’t detach from my Ego, I will start its revolution. I will shape it like a diamond!  First by clearing it from the past, from its history, from its conditioning so I have space to mold it to the liking of all with the present, with the story of the future, without conditional circumstance, but in an eternal state of cheerfulness.

Against the spiritual advice of not judging, this time I will look at my EGO with a judgmental eye, with the same judgmental eye I use to judge others. I will judge what I see in me as if I was being judged by Death, according to the divine laws. Then, with forgiveness in my heart, I will just shake it shake it shake it like a monkey shakes a tree.

Once is empty from the rotten fruits, I will seed my EGO with universal values. The universal values that according to all Religions and all spiritual practices are the values that will help my spirit trascend through time: Love, truth, compassion.  I will build myself a better EGO. One that lives in synchronicity with the law of Nature: change. An Ego that expresses itself in the highest vibrations of creative energy.

If my Ego is…

Whatever I believe about myself  –  then I will believe I am as good as an apple, a loving, caring, nurturing, forgiving happy peaceful being.

IF my Ego is…

Whatever I tell myself about myself – then I will tell myself I am as good as an apple, a loving, caring, nurturing, forgiving, happy peaceful being.

If my Ego is…

Whatever I think about myself – then I will think about myself being as good as an apple, a loving, caring, nurturing happy peaceful being.

However I feel about myself – then I will feel about myself as good as an apple, loving, caring, nurturing, forgiving, happy peaceful being.

If the ego, in its simplest definition, is our self-image, then I will have a self-image as good as an apple, loving, caring, nurturing, forgiving,  happy peaceful being.

If our Ego is how we define ourselves – then I will define myself as good as an apple, loving, caring, nurturing, forgiving, happy peaceful being.

If our our ego is made up of images and beliefs, and beliefs are made up of thoughts and words – then I will choose my thoughts and words as good as an apple, loving, caring, nurturing, forgiving, happy and peaceful.

A belief is nothing more than what you affirm or tell yourself over and over. A belief can be about
yourself, about others, about life or about the world in general. Beliefs can be simple (i.e. “I’m
incapable”) or complex such as in a belief system. (i.e. religious beliefs). It does not matter
whether a belief is “positive” or “negative”; it is still a belief. Beliefs determine your perceptions,
your feelings and how you act in the world and in your everyday relationships – SOoooo then i will believe I am as good as an apple, loving, caring, nurturing, forgiving, happy peaceful being.

If you are a meditation lover and therefore detaching from Ego comes with it as a gift for you, congratulations! If you are a simple mortal, like I, and detaching from the Ego seems almost impossible, forget about detaching from it! Join the revolution of the EGO!

Our motto? I will embrace that which defines me as a loving-happy-peaceful being, and shine it in the light. After all, there can’t be darkness where there is light.

Join the revolution of the Ego.



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