December 3, 2010

Summer Solstice: New Moon in Cancer.

The sacred conversation.

Northern Hemisphere summer begins.  The new moon today will happen in Cancer. When the Sun makes its ingress into the cardinal sign Cancer, it will be conjunct an asteroid called Vesta.

The next day, there is a New Moon, with Sun, Moon and Vesta in a precise conjunction. This is the first of many potent lunations (including three eclipses in July and August) that defines the current stretch of time. Happening so close to the beginning of a season (with the Sun still at solstice), this New Moon activates events that occur on a large scale that feel personal; and personal events that reach past our individual lives toward a collective experience.

Vesta is also about practicing compersion: holding space for the pleasure of others, that does not directly involve you.

common ground would be the basis of our relationships, if we would allow it to be.

The combination of Venus and Mars conjunct, and the Sun and Vesta conjunct, suggest that more than needing something, we all actually possess something that we can share, if we take care of it regularly.

Look around you. Look at what you say you support, and what you know feeds the world. If it’s within reach, throw your support behind it.

I suggest you take every single opportunity to reverse that trend: every opportunity to give, to love, to set free, to share, to express the truth; to offer rather than withhold; to include rather than exclude. Forget the ditty about how ‘it comes back to you’.

The sexual aspect of Vesta involves making contact with the sexual dimension to all of existence. The inner flame lights up the space inside us, and there, we can do our healing work. It also creates an inviting environment where others can seek contact, healing and rest. Vestal erotic practices involve holding the space open for others, witnessing their processes and experiences, and giving oneself sexually to sexual pleasure of others, as a gift of healing or love. This has nothing to do with romance, which tends to be narcissistic. Vesta is about standing back a little and allowing others to experience the heat of your inner fire, so that they may experience their own, or light it up for the first time.

As we progress we learn that we have the choice of what we devote ourselves to.

According to Anatoly Ryzhenko This magnificently complex asteroid holds the key to understanding how we might go about healing our often injured, burdened and confused sense of our sexuality. Vesta is primarily about tending the fire within. That fire, and that experience of constantly caring for it, becomes the focal point for organizing space; that is, the psychic space of our lives, our priorities, and our beliefs.

Vesta is inherently about one’s relationship with oneself, which is the thing we share with others no matter what form that sharing might take.

In the solstice chart, the Sun meets up with Vesta in Cancer, a sign associated with nourishment, nurturing, emotions, mother and the experience of incarnating.

The Sun is about expression. It is the source of all light in the astrological system; it is the central point that holds the solar system together and provides an anchor for awareness and for one’s tangible place in the world. So Sun/Vesta in Cancer is one version of the full expression of Vestal energy.

Just the second day of summer here in the Northern Hemisphere. today’s New Moon will have effects that last through the summer. If it seems that relationships are the single most challenging aspect of life, maybe that’s because all of life involves relationships.

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