December 12, 2010

The Experiment II: The Insight.

In Psychology and Psychiatry insight can mean the ability to recognize one’s own mental condition; An insight links cause with effect. The mind is a model of the universe built up from insights.

Thoughts of the mind fall into two categories:

1) Analysis of past experience with the purpose of gaining insight for use within this model at a later date
2) Simulations of future scenarios using existing insights in the mind model in order to predict outcomes

A mature mind has assimilated many insights and understands cause and effect. When insight is not subordinate to a validation discipline like for example the scientific method, fallacious thinking can result in a confused mind.

In  The Experiment: GOD essay I describe a pshycodelic experience where 5-MeO-DMT, molecular cousin to the more commonly available N,N DMT (often simply called DMT),  a naturally occurring endogenous psychedelic compound, meaning that it is produced naturally in the human body, is used to experienced what Tom Pinkson, Ph.D. {1} calls The Energy Medicine of Letting Go: Practicing Death, a “spiritual medicine” from the Amazon, used shamanically by indigenous peoples there to contact the spirit world. Indigenous cultures typically use 5-MeO-DMT as a snuff, although on some occasions they use it as an admixture to ayahuasca. Rather than making a snuff, contemporary users prefer to vaporize extracts of 5-MeO from plants and inhale the smoke.

The indigenous peoples with whom he have studied consider these agents as having a guiding and healing spirit, as being alive, a wisdom elder, a sacred sacramental gift from the spirit world. They must be approached only with the utmost respect, reverence, and humility. It is easy for our materially based, sensation-seeking culture to abuse these substances, and when that occurs, great harm can result. These substances are not for everyone. Most certainly they are contraindicated for people with high blood pressure, heart problems, seizure history, or those on any kind of psychoactive medications, as well
as those suffering from any kind of mental illness. A trained guide who knows the territory also is necessary, along with a safe and secure setting, and creating sacred space in alignment with the journeyer’s belief system and intentions.

In the experience described an admixture of toad venom, phalaris grass extract, and psychotria viridis extract, all of which contained 5-MeO-DMT was used, and as you can read in The Experiment: GOD My intention was Clarity and the Shadow called to be understood was fear (realeasing control) I came out of the experience with the certainty that it was an unneccessary experience, basically my body and my brain were in pain the days after and my soul had clearly remained with the feeling that even though the moment of bliss in the Light and Unity of All in this pshycodelic experience had been eufhoric and beautiful -as all eufhoria that results from this type of high- I had violated the web of life (God´s Universe) by violently rushing into a state of death when obviously I am not supposed die yet.

Nonetheless, as the days passed and some other people in the ceremony reflected into their own experiences, I got to observe a variety of reactions to it. This triggered my need for insight and motivated me to practice what Deepak Chopra recommends in The 7 laws of spiritual succes as “relinquishing the need to defend MY point of view” in order to find the light in all.

You see, in my case, in this experimentI had not experience anything that I didn’t believe and knew already;  in the reflexion of my shadow of fear I knew I feared others attempt to change my agreement with the Universal values about God  and the Universe since I was and still am convinced that God is Love and We are all One, and I am one who is in the effort to live a sober life and achieve that holy state of bliss with a clear head and sober, no drugs.  In my reflexion of clarity I saw, clearly that this experience, though blissful at the end, was unnecessary and irreverent. A perversion of reality as it is that skips the morality of reverence to the garden of your soul, your body.

But then though, there is the opinion of others. And here, i vow and yield. Some agree with me and some disagree. And that in itself speaks of the experience.

According to Pshycology and Pshychiatry, the mind is a model of the universe built up from insights. A mature mind has assimilated many insights and understands cause and effect. When insight is not subordinate to a validation discipline like for example the scientific method, fallacious thinking can result in a confused mind.

Then, I will consider the possibility that since my insight is not subordinated to a validation discipline, fallacious thinking can result. Maybe I am confused about the notion that we don’t need to alter our mind with substances to accept the reality that the key to evolution is to accept that LOVE is the right way and only way to achieve real peace and real happiness, real unity. Maybe I am wrong about my idea that we do not need to get high, but just let ourselves experience LOVE as the validation discipline to its divine truth.

A debate aroused on WHY is that even though all Religions, all spiritual practices, all saints, all sacred texts and all peaceful leaders of humanity have provided human beings with the same key to real happines, real peace, real harmony (They all share the  legacy message that LOVE is the secret to spiritual growth), why is that people still are in doubt of how to achieve oneness with the Universe? Why do humans keep ourselves in fear and still searching for something “external” to confirm to us that LOVE  is the “right” way of living…and dying for that matter.

In the first pieace written, readers kept identifying with the idea ‘just another statement of the ego trying to control what is, instead of just “being”’ when it comes to the use of substances that alter consciousness in order to find some sense of what the Universe or God or the self are.

I have the opinion that journeys such as this one, in which we use external substances to alter consciousnes instead of just use stillness to understand reality as is, right here, right now, is just a reflexion of the EGO, who blinds us and makes us deft, the EGO who makes us question and antagonize other Religions/beliefs/people that don’t share “our” understanding of the light; the Ego who doubts divine prophets and our EGO who (and I wonder why) denies LOVE  as the highest vibrational right way to living…and dying…It is our EGO that blocks our understanding that LOVE is the tool to achieve oneness with the light, God, the Universe.

LOVE…what is LOVE? Well, that is an essay in itself that I will write about in the next chapters of THE EXPERIMENT, so all you can comment about WHAT IS LOVE will be of great benefit for all. Please do speak your mind in this forum and write your comments freely, remembering your protected right to freedom of speech. Be an elephant.



In thankfullness,


{1} an international keynote speaker, psychologist, consultant, retreat
and ceremonial leader, spiritual counselor, and author of such books as “Do They Celebrate Christmas in Heaven?”— Spiritual Rite of Passage Teachings from Children with Life-Threatening Illness and The Shamanic Wisdom of the Huichols. He helps people discover their path of heart for sacred and harmonious living in balance with the web of life.

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