December 21, 2010

Time Travel: Be a lover

Imagine for a moment you are traveling in time. How would that texture make you feel? What color would it be? In what vibration? Fast or slow? rushed or in stillness? Joyful or ? Happy? Love it?

Time is so exactly measuring counts that we forget it is a wave of stardust that we are riding on top of. The top of the world energy, wow, eclipse, moon, sun, earth, feel the vibration of the Universe.

You watch, my watch, his watch, her watch, our watch, watches are watches. Not time.

What is we all trust in its frequency and travel light, smiling, bright, allegro. How do you treat your time? Where do you spend your time? Who do you spend your time with? What is time?

Time does not exist. It is not something linear. It is a dimension, according to the Mayas, the 4th. In order to get to the Spiritual dimension, the 5th, we in our 3th dimension must go through Time, the 4th dimension of evolution.

Quite wild talk because, who knows, really. Everyday is a day of change, a day of something new, a day of discovery, a day of contemplation and study, a day of love or hate. Do yourself some service and honor yourself by not being a hater. Be a lover.

Once you are a lover, you Time Travel.  Freedom. Love.

In Om*


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Read 2 comments and reply

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