January 1, 2011


Earth Sound recorded by Nasa video

To learn the new universal language is essential. Understanding vibration is essential for future generations to succeed and evolve; to relate with the global village in the cosmic consciousness field.

What is the cosmic consciousness field? It is that field of consciousness where the laws of nature that rule the Cosmos apply. Laws of Nature that establish clearly that no differences set us apart, as the science of subatomic particles demonstrate while taking center in the explanation of the Universe.

The Cosmic consciousness is that field where race, color skin, sex gender, profession, resume, status, nationality – all those materialistic layers of the ego exist NOT and the ONEness of ALL is as clear as the galaxies surfing space; In the cosmic consciousness field humanity represents only the last minutes of  LIFE evolution in the cosmic calendar of Creation.

Simply put,  humans, we only are a species; like any other species colors and styles vary, but we are all humans and share the same cosmic information. We are made of the same elements, fire, earth, water, air, ether…

We have been in the Earth for not too long marking just a tiny spot in the map of life evolution in our Universe.

At that level we, humanity, show to have a cosmic consciousness, where each of us recognize each other by just pure vibration.

That cosmic consciousness has the property to elevate or downgrade our planetary vibration and therefore I assume, since everything in the Universe is related to each other, integrate itself in the time-travel journey that we seem to be on as passengers of Planet Earth.

What is a vibration? vibration sound sample of the Earth.

We know for a fact that we, people, are made of ATOMS and their atomic particles, and therefore summit to the same atomic rules that rule the Atom.

Chemists and physicists studying the relationship between electricity and matter defined that all atoms when in a state of tension are capable of oscillating at a pitch inversely as the cube of their atomic weights, and directly as their tension from 42 to 63 octaves per second, producing the creative force (Thermism), whose transmissive force (Rad-energy) propagated in solid, liquid, and gaseous ether, produces the static effects (Cohesion and Chemism) on other atoms of association, or dissociation, according to the Law of Harmonic Attraction and Repulsion (LOVE).

Vibration is the oscillation or repetitive motion of an object around an equilibrium position. The equilibrium position is the position the object will attain when the force acting on it is zero. (STILLNESS).

The electromagnetic vibration existing inside every living body partially depends on the vibration existing outside of the body. (ENVIRONMENT).

Meditation is a science of Stillness and vibration in the path towards enlightenment (Light).

Sound travels, mechanical energy is transferred to the ear through the movement of atomic particles. When a force is exerted on an atom, it moves from its rest or equilibrium position and exerts a force on the adjacent particles. These adjacent particles are moved from their rest position and this continues throughout the medium. Sound travels through the transfer of energy from one particle to the next.

Waves of sound energy move outward in all directions from the source. Your vocal chords and the strings on a guitar are both sources which vibrate to produce sound waves. Without energy, there would be no sound. (OM)

Frequency refers to the number of vibrations that an individual particle makes in a specific period of time, usually a second. Frequency refers to how often a wave passes through a certain point, while speed refers to how fast a wave passes through the point.

Particles vibrate at a specific frequency for each source, called its natural frequency. We all have different natural frequencies. Objects vibrating at their natural frequencies will cause resonance. Resonance is when objects with the same natural frequency as the vibrating source also begin to vibrate (RELATIONSHIP). Resonance only affects objects close to the vibrating source (LIGHT). A singer can make a glass vibrate enough to shatter, just by singing a note with the glass’s natural frequency.

Now, YOU have the facts of what YOU are made of.

For a moment consider your self not as YOURSELF (EGO) but only as an extension of THE SPIRIT.

The word GOD has been used, misused and interpreted through time in so many wrong ways that its meaning has been conditioned to the background of violence and abuse of power, ignorance and domination, therefore if you allow me, in humbleness,  I will use a different word to address the creative source of all life, I will call it the SPIRIT*.

The SPIRIT* is everlasting, complete, without beginning or end, it is one, indivisible Being*. It is the origin of all knowledge and love, the root of all power and joy.

The manifestation of Omnipotent Force (the Repulsion and its comlementary expression, Omniscient Feeling or Love, the Attraction) is vibration.

Vibration appears as a peculiar sound: the Word, Amen, Aum (OM*). In its different aspects Aum presents the idea of change, which is Time, in the Ever-Unchangeable; and the idea of division, which is Space, in the Ever-Indivisible. The four ideas are the Word, Time, Space, and the Atom.

The SPIRIT* causes creation, inert Nature, to emerge. From Aum, the Word and manifestation of the Omnipotent Force (the Repulsion and its complementary expression, Omniscient Feeling or Love, the Attraction), comes Time, Space, and the Atom (the vibratory structure of creation.)

YOU, I, WE are made of ATOMS. What a great idea.

1:1:11: Vibration

Think about it.



Science Reference: The Holy Science by Swami Sri Yukteswar, Babaji’s lineage of Yogi disciples, and Guru of the famous Paramahansa Yoganada.



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