January 9, 2011

Examination Is The Path To Joy~ January 9th.

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As Plato suggests in “The Apology” examination is the path to discovering the worth or joy that is life, or in his own words, “The un-examined life is not worth living.”

Too often people mope through life. We observe life from a safe distance; clinging to the handrails the ego has installed. We act as if we were some thing that fiddles with life. We bounce around trying to complete a list of chores without the slightest idea as to why they need to be completed. We collect our diplomas, spouses, jobs, houses, and cars. It is not that there is anything wrong with any of these things, but most of us pursue these things because we think we are suppose to, and as a result feel imprisoned by stifling monotony and piercing boredom…

We are like a man starving to death in a grocery store!

There is so much potential, but this energy remains potential until we realize we are that energy…

Wake up!

“I” is nothing more than an empty word meant to describe a network of energy that is so whole & so complete that it has no parts- there is no “you” or “I.” This network of energy or Life hasn’t the slightest crack in it. We are the universe!

There is no need to convince anyone of this, or try to sell them on a particular path, philosophy, or religion. Inspiration is all that is necessary. Enjoy life, and others will naturally become interested in your perspective. They will begin to investigate, and investigation inevitably leads to discovery.

I pray that everyone develops an interest or genuine curiosity, which invites them to look within themselves, beyond the fixed conceptual mind, for this immense potential…

It is our inheritance as human beings. It is the kingdom!

The birth of curiosity or enthusiasm invites us into a stream we can’t get out of, and this stream pours into the ocean or back into the whole- Truth.

Getting in this stream requires courage because, the ego or decision maker at the present time can’t swim!

The practice of meditation is a “preparation for death,” or in other words the cultivation of courage.

Here is a wonderful video where philosopher Cornel West, with his usual passion and precision, elaborates on philosophy and the life of the mind. Enjoy!

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