January 2, 2011

Improving… I forget. ~Acharya Vikrmaditya

I remember, it’s about improving memory!

Memory is critical to our daily lives. It is important to understand that there are memory problems in all age groups. There are many factors that contribute to the ability to remember. It is a simple fact that some people are better at remembering than are others. Level of memory depends upon the level of concentration. Better your concentration is better you can learn the things and keep them in mind. Memory also depends on the understanding better you try to understand the things longer you can remember them.

Loss of the memory can be due to unnecessary utilization of your vital energy. Even you know something about this, you might have been revoked by your Grand Parents for unnecessary cracking of the fingers, swinging of the legs, and if child argues on this they will just say that these are the bad habits and inauspicious thing but does not tell the proper reason behind this. It has been seen that we have various bad habits like unnecessary cracking of the fingers, swinging of the legs, which are responsible for unnecessary wastage of the Vital Energy.

We experimented this on the students and person those who were brilliant in there studies and were of the mind who learn the things just by studying once only. We made them habitual to the bad habits of mis-utilising there hand and legs like, cracking of the fingers, swinging of the legs etc., after a period those students became dull and weak in there memory and concentration.

Again to improve their memory and concentration they were asked to practice the Gyan Mudra and simultaneously they were also asked to stop the bad habit of unnecessarily cracking of the fingers, swinging of the legs. After a few months we observed that they regained their previous level of memory and concentration.


According to the Indian science of yoga, science of the human body, medical sciences

and according to all our ancient sciences and scientists, the human body is regarded as the most important machine gifted by nature. Our body system is an amalgamation of five important elements of nature viz fire, water, air, sky and earth.

According to the Science of yoga, nature has comprised these five elements in our hands in the form of the five fingers. The thumb as the fire element, the index finger as the air element, the middle finger as the sky element, the ring finger as the earth element and the smallest finger has been denoted as the water element. In this way the five fingers of our hand, represent the five powers of this world.

Another yogic theory says, a certain kind of wonderful current flows through our hands. Today scientists, doctors and all learned people agree to this. Also as new inventions and innovations continuously take place in the field of Science, new ideas and theories are discovered. The latest research that scientists have presented, says that not only does current flow through our hands, but in fact a different kind of current flows from each finger of our hands. It is amazing to realize that our great ancient hermits and sages were aware of these mysteries at the very beginning of the awakening of this world.

The different positions and gestures of their hands while meditating, preaching, concentrating etc suggest their understanding of the valuable properties of the hands as also the fingers.

According to the Indian science of yoga, a number of different formations can be made with the fingers during varied exercises of yoga, which are highly effective and are also scientifically supported. It is held that important changes can be brought about in the human body through the regular practice of the different positions of the fingers.


The fingers on our hands contain many miraculous powers.  It is therefore advised that people should not unnecessarily play with their fingers.  Playing here refers to trifling, twisting, cracking, pulling etc.

Unnecessary movement of the legs is also forbidden, such as when sometimes children or even adults sit at a chair, bed or anywhere at a height and start shaking their legs without any apparent cause, this is an undesirable gesture and should be strictly prohibited.

Children, who have a remarkably sharp memory, are quite likely to lose their excellent memorizing skills, and even their mental peace and stability of mind, if they develop these kind of bad habits. This has been experimented upon the kids of our ashram and the findings supported the hypothesis.

You may have often noticed, elder members of the family tell others not to indulge in such unwanted movements of the hands or legs, and if cross questioned they call it a bad omen. Unfortunately, they themselves are not aware of the actual logic behind it. Our research team says that, even if these activities take place unintentionally, no one can possibly escape the fatal consequences of these actions.

If these movements are not stopped, they tend to destroy one’s memory, retention power and even peace of mind.  Therefore, these fatalistic movements cannot be and should not be ignored in any way. They reflect mental and emotional disturbances. They also have a negative effect on the nervous system. The frequent occurrence of such harmful acts can lead a person to depression, frustration and reluctance. These kind of disastrous feelings make a person drift away from society.

Such negative movements are especially strictly banned for feeble, weak and aged people, otherwise, major losses are inevitable. People are often seen biting the nails of their fingers, sucking their thumb, tearing paper unreasonably, cracking twigs, chewing for very long periods, spitting on and off etc.; all these actions come under the same context of behavioural disorders and are capable of reducing the life span of the concerned person. Therefore to keep oneself safe and healthy it is important to say NO to bad habits.


If, perchance, someone begins to lose their memory or retention power, he should immediately and completely stop all unnecessary body movements as swaying one’s legs, cracking the fingers, biting nails, etc.

After this one must practice Gyan mudra for the maximum period of time possible. To form the Gyan mudra touch the tip of the thumb with the index finger so as to make a circular shape in a natural way (as shown in the picture-Gyan Mudra), without applying any pressure on the fingers. This pose is known as Gyan mudra.

If one practices Gyan mudra regularly and with dedication, he is sure to get amazing results, in terms of a better memory, in just a short span of time. This exercise of Gyan mudra is a gift of our ancient saints, hermits, sages and scientists. Even for those who are completely devoid of any retention power, this exercise proves to be a boon.

Acharya Vikrmaditya has been doing research on Yoga Mudras for last 20 years under guidance of Acharya Keshav Dev who have scientifically proved the benefits of Mudras. As a yoga expert I have cured many ailments which were lasting for several years and have written many books to let people benefit worldwide.

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