January 6, 2011

Integration of the New: the great adventure

This New Moon Solar Eclipse energy,as intense as it felt, not only brought all unbalances to the surface like a good yoga practice usually does, but seems to have the gift of clarity on its stardust tail.

Our time traveling on Earth seem to be narrowing into a whirl in light speed (at least in our perception) and evidence of our global awareness being placed in the things that are important fortunately is more and more real.

Where are you placing your attention? How are you activating your intention? What values are surviving in the struggle of the self with the self and the self in and your relationships with others? Where is your hope? How strong is your faith? How clear are your thoughts? How peaceful is your breath? How still can you be in the midst of challenges? How much are you being loved? In what do you believe?

Everyday questions that manage to get to me at some point or the other during the day. Maybe when I wake up and look at myself in the mirror; Maybe when I go to bed and lay my head in the pillow; Maybe as I relate to others and reflections of each other keep arising.

Surely, as the Universal cosmic perfection sets electromagnetic scenarios in motion (some we understand, some we are still exploring) the internal mental virtue manage to reflect its reality into my own perception. 

And when I say I, I mean You. And when I say You, I mean I.

Spiritual matters take center as the certain path torwards Integration of the Self. Still, the challenge remains in integrating the philosophy of the teaching and its actual application on our daily lives.

How do I remain peaceful when I am being attacked?

How do I remain calm when it’s turmoil that I am surrounded by?

How do you I love unconditionally when conditions are placed before love?

How do I reflect light, when is darkness that I see?

It is in the simple things, let’s not forget. The simple things. A smile, a prayer, the will to forgive, the decision to yield, the courage to love, the awarenes to breath, the practice of patience, the revolution of the ego. The decision to live in peace, no matter what.

Simple, the excercise of free will.

This is my world, my reality, my relationships, my self. And, yes, my world, my reality, my relationships, my self…is what I make of it.

And when I say I, I mean You. And when I say You, I mean I.

As of today, I choose to integrate the New – new understanding, new values of love, new clarity, into the simple things. I choose to manifest my philosophies of peace into my daily actions. I choose to answer my questions with the certainty of the Spirit*

No problems, only solutions.

This is the great adventure.



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