March 31, 2011

Jon Stewart on Sarah Palin on Obama’s, er, Squirmish in Libya.

JFK, Reagan, Carter, Eisenhower, Obama, and a beautiful kite.

Jon Stewart chides President Obama for dropping the hollow, lofty rhetoric of, say, the last seven or ten presidents and admitting our intervention in Libya is a mix of idealism and national interests. At 2:10, it gets brilllliant: instaclassic Daily Show. I love it, though wouldn’ta minded if Stewart mentioned Tibet as an example of oppression, nay genocide, that because of said land’s absence of the oil you and I use on a daily basis, and would cry bloody murder if we didn’t commit bloody murder to keep it pipin’ and boatin’ and truckin’ our way.

Then, Palin weighs in with her Squirmish, what is it?

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Read 3 comments and reply

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