April 17, 2011

A Beautiful Mind gives an elegant talk about Beauty.

“Matter and energy moves itself. It has no exterior mover.” ~Jean Meslier

The quote above has nothing to do with the video below, but I really liked it, and its related to physics, so…

The video below is hilarious…if you like dry, intelligent humor. It is a talk entitled “Beauty and Truth in Physics” from Ted.com. The lecturer is none other than Murray Gell-Mann. He is a theoretical physicists who won the Nobel Prize in 1969. I posted the talk here not only because it is funny and intelligent, but because in the video Mann does an amazing job of describing the simplicity and elegance of reality. It is an inspiring talk that highlights not only the elegant nature of the universe that has spawned us, but the duplication of that elegance in us. That is to say, the human mind reflects the intelligence that is the natural world. Enjoy!

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Read 2 comments and reply

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