April 8, 2011

Are we the product of one big marketing campaign?


WATCH THIS:   Consuming Kids and then consider the following….

What do you buy? Why do you buy? Do you have children, what do you “feed” them. This thought provoking and somewhat frightening documentary is real FOOD for thought. 

As a child raised in the era of GI Joe, Transformers and Care Bears (shiver) I know my life and thoughts are intertwined with advertising…I know I even raised my children with Star Wars bedding and Star Trek lunch boxes…have you thought about it?

I have become (many thanks to yoga and meditation) almost the anti consumer…but I still feel the pull…I still want that new iPad2,  I love my kindle and wonder if I should upgrade my phone again.   I still look at the slick organic packages and wonder if I’m buying what’s inside or the label.    When are you a consumer? When do you resist?  How does marketing effect your efforts to live eco responsibly and to simplify your life?

How do you protect your children from brain washing?  How do you unlearn your own programing? 

Number one on my list: EDUCATION

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