April 4, 2011

Life is My Yoga. ~ Chantal Monté

Photo: Andreas Ivarsson

I am about to take my first yoga class and step onto my very first mat.

While reflecting on yoga, I realize that philosophically, yoga is already very much a part of my life. The basic philosophy is to unite body, mind and spirit, which in turn, moves us through life with greater wisdom, keener awareness and more understanding. This philosophy is a part of my life, everyday.

It’s what I practice,

What I focus on,

What I live,

And sometimes, what I leave on the mat.

My practice is to open to the illusion of duality by standing still in the moment and not wavering with reaction and remaining centered. While doing this “ holding pose” I breathe into the discomfort, watch the illusions of mind, extend the flexibility of my entire being and reach for more possibility until stability returns.

Photo: Andreas Ivarsson

I get up. I fall down. Maybe I’ll sit for a while.

There is an expansion of “ being” through dedicated practice. Through pause, focus, reflection and expanding even when it’ s difficult, I work to continuously re-align my mind with my true self. I step into each day with an openness to experience the unknown with my true being, whether it’ s during yoga class, at work, at home, or in relationships.

In this very moment, life is teaching us who we truly are.

Right now, Yoga is being practiced for the benefit of all sentient beings.

Life is yoga. Yoga is life.


Chantal Monté is an Intuitive Consultant and Kundalini Counselor, trained in the US and Bali. She has the ability to see life beyond what’s on the surface—peering into the mystery of life, the unknown, the void. She translates eternal truths, reveals the unspoken or unknown, and downloads wisdom from a place far beyond her mind. It’s always much more than she could ever imagine. The core of her work is centered around who you are, not what you do. What you do comes from who you are. Please visit her website: www.chantalonfire.com.

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