June 1, 2011

A Small Prayer for the Evening

Dear god-universe–cosmic-soup-tingly-feeling-in-my-fingertips-and-chest-whoever-you-are-this-evening,

(Please tonight, as I’m wending my way toward sleep, please, please, oh-that-which-is-softer-than-me-and-all-open-arms, please help me to remember a few things, as I head towards bed.)

Please help me to remember, first, not to turn expansion, into pressure.  And that just because good things are happening, does not mean I have to become a better version of myself in order to keep them.

Please help me to remember that making lists of all the things I need to get done, is not the same as getting those things done.

Oh, and help me, if  you could, to remember to breathe into the tight places.  Please help me to remember that I know the difference between that which is open and that which is closed, and that it’s up to me to choose which of those I want to be.

Could you also, while you’re at it, help me to remember that it’s all going to be okay? To remember that I can let go, and worlds will not collide?

Help me, please, to remember not to rob myself of joy/bliss/thrill/excitement/lovelovelove with the expectation that eventually (and soon) the other shoe is going to drop. Please help me to stop looking for that damn other shoe.  Remind me, please, that sometimes there is only shoe.  The good one.  The one that fits.

Also, please help me to remember that there are other people in the world. Help me to remember that I am connected to them. And that my heart isn’t just yearning to be open so that I can have more stuff and fun-times, woo-hoo!  But so that we can collectively all begin to open, heart by heart.

And help me remember that I am allowed. And that there is room. And time. And resources to get everything I need to get done…done.  And also help me to remember that I will never get it all done.  And also help me to remember that all of those things I think I need to do, are just pale sad covers for the real and only thing I ever need to do, ever worth doing, which is learning, finally, how to fall madly in love with my own life.

Please help me remember how to fall madly in love with my own life.

And with you.

And with everyone else.

(Even the jerks.)

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Read 17 comments and reply

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