May 9, 2011

President Obama’s first interview re: killing of Osama bin Laden: 60 Minutes.

A Moral High Ground, Reclaimed.

A few random quotes from the below interview that reflect a kind of moral precision I haven’t heard for a decade.

“That’s something that makes us different.”

“That’s not us.”

“We had to remember what our primary focus was: who carried out 9/11, and how do we make sure we are laser-focused on getting them.”

“Were you nervous?”


“Every time I make a decision about [war] I understand that this will result in people being killed.”


I haven’t heard the United States of America described from a moral high ground in this way for a long time. When I was a child, I was easily patriotic. I always have been, but for the last decade or so, too often, it’s been heavy lifting.

The openness and candor, the thoughtfulness displayed in this interview reminds me of what I loved as a child: the feeling that our public servants were here to serve, not merely win or take advantage.

We must always seek to do the right thing, even if that’s more difficult or takes longer. We don’t have to spike the football.

Video embeds from CBS haven’t been working. Here’s the link.

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Read 3 comments and reply

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