May 27, 2011

“Sometimes, even the truth must not be told.”

What’s your philosophy on gossip?

Do you believe you should never criticize anyone, ever? If it’s mean, sure. But what if it’s honest, and helpful, in a critical way?

Is the difference how we do it? Directly or behind their back?

It’s our responsibility to help our friends and enemies see stuff they’re not good at seeing. We can be constructive and helpful. Being mean is just laziness or insecurity.


Just read the below quote, and thought I’d ask you all for your insights. I don’t believe that being critical is bad. I do think truth ought to be told, but it’s hard, and sometimes a “white lie” as my mom calls ’em is an easy way of sparing someone’s feelings. But are we trying to spare their feelings, truly, or sparing ourselves the discomfort of being honest and helpful to someone?

I’m not so sure about this:

A wise man knows how to behave in a gathering. He knows well that he must not ridicule or talk harshly to anyone (even when they are his opponents). Sometimes, even the truth must not be told. Especially when it is sure to hurt some one.

~ Panchatantra – Kakolukiya
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Read 9 comments and reply

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