May 30, 2011

The Art of a Creationship. ~ Lindsay Love

He draws. I write. He juggles. I hoop. He meditates. I do yoga.

Creative artists are known to be individualistic. Freedom loving, boundary pushing, independent beings who love to impulsively follow their sudden inspirations. They have a need for sporadic seclusion and can sometimes be ambiguous when expressing their emotions through art.

Impulsive, free, independent… seclusion? Not exactly words that jive with relationship. Obviously artists are capable of having successful unions, but what happens when particular qualities collide as two creative energies recognize an undeniable attraction? Can these freethinkers actually harmonize as one while remaining as strong individuals?

The description of an artist covers a broad spectrum, from hands on creation to practicing performance art. Each type of artist can contribute completely different qualities and perhaps that is the key to a successful creationship.

We all know that communication, patience and honesty are but a few characteristics that provide for a healthy and productive relationship. However, when it comes to a creationship … a creationship thrives in an environment of laughter, release and play. Lovers, spinning a web of mutual support and inspiration, motivating each other to explore and live their dharmic daydreams.

Sharing fine art and performance art while balancing priorities and playorities is a joyful challenge. This creationship is yet another artistic endeavor for me and my partner, visionaries of compassion, expression and love.


Lindsay Love is a certified children’s yoga and meditation instructor, creative artist, fire dancer, community organizer, and volunteer. She is joined in her journey by her daughter and inspiration, Baila Love, age 3.

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Read 3 comments and reply

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