May 30, 2011

Yoga Teachers, Here’s What Your Students Really Want.

1. Because most of the time we’re being critical of our own bodies in front of the mirror, it’s a relief when you turn us away from them.

2. We’re so grateful for the peace that finally comes to us after Savasana, please don’t advertise your studio announcements or your class offerings at the end of class. We would love to hear about these at the start of class.

3. Please offer modifications without the preface of “if you have back, neck, etc problems.”  We don’t like being reminded that we have an issue.  Just the modification please.  Consider “if you need to protect your neck” or “if your neck isn’t feeling up to this”.

4. We love it when you let us see the real you.  Your humanness is what keeps us coming back.

5.  No one enjoys super loud music in a yoga class ~ no one. Oommph, Oommph, Oommph is for the gym, not yoga.  We want to hear your cues.

6.  We always appreciate a spritz of essential oil or a stick of incense after your prior class.  Walking into a stinky room isn’t a great way to start a yoga class.

7.  Please breathe with us. When you rush our breaths, we lose our practice.

8. Remind us all to hold our drishti. There is nothing worse than being stared at in class and it’s always a relief when you remind students to hold their own drishti.

9. Please offer modifications in both directions, harder and easier. It makes for a welcoming class for all levels.

10. When you remind us at the beginning of class that the most advanced students know when to take child’s pose and don’t let their egos run their practice, it gives us all permission to rest when we need it.

11. Always remember that we’re all grateful for the gift of your class. We know you’re not making millions teaching and you really do make a difference in all of our lives.


~photo by freedigitalphotos.net Yoga shot by Ambro

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Read 45 comments and reply

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