June 28, 2011

8 Reasons I Can’t Wait for Electric Forest. ~ David Telfer McConaghay

First and Foremost: Music by…

Keys N Krates:

— The Pimps of Joytime:

Eliot Lipp:


Greensky Bluegrass:

Pretty Lights:

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros:

— & Rubblebucket:

…to name just a few.

Second: Cirque du Womp:

—Enough said:

Well, not quite enough:

C: Mousetrap!

“Yes, the board game…well, kind of.

For Life Size Mousetrap, the old-school board game favorite is turned into a life-sized spectacle; “A colorful assemblage of kinetic sculptures fantastically handcrafted into a giant 25-ton Rube-Gold-berg machine!”

This classic yet up-sized contraption comes to life on site at Electric Forest, with a vaudevillian style road show featuring dancing mice and live music by Esmerelda Strange. Also on the crew are well-dressed “Clown ‘engineers” who endeavor to achieve a chain reaction using Newtonian physics and bowling balls. And, just like the board game, the action culminates with the spectacular dropping of a 2-ton bank safe from a 30 foot crane!”

4: Glow-in-the-Dark Disc Golf?

— That’s right. I’m not much a frolfer myself, but I might definitely have to give this neon course a look-see

5: Glow-in-the-Dark Everything!

— “The Sherwood Forest, located in the heart of the festival grounds, is the pulse of Electric Forest.” There will be hammocks and art installations and surprise performances and parties deep in the Forest, which is named Electric for a reason. I can’t wait to wander into the woods and see what lingers glowing there.

6: Water Slides!

— Yes, there is an indoor water park. I have spent time in the Gold Rush Water Park before, and there is an excellent combination of slides with speed, quick curves and even one that resembles a toilet bowl, sending you spinning giddily around until you’re flushed out the bottom. It’s awesome.

VII: Did I Mention 6 Sets from The String Cheese Incident?

∞: My Dear Friends

Ln & Tang, years ago

— Make the whole thing worthwhile. What is the point of all this fun if there’s no one to share it with? I will be spending the majority of my weekend with the lovely Ln 7e, the dearest friend I can imagine; her close companion and my dance-party pal Allie Q; and Tom aka Tang Mu, who has been my best friend since 4th grade, and is more or less responsible for introducing me to the endlessly novel joy of live music. These are the friends I’m bringing, and I can’t wait to encounter all the friends I haven’t met yet.

We leave at midnight. As of 9 am, we are still unsure whose car we’re taking…

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Born on planet Earth, David Telfer McConaghay has since wandered across its surface in search of something which, when found, kindly insists that he continue searching. His immediate family lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, though he also feels at home in Washington D.C.; Grass Valley, California; Bogotá, Colombia; and now, almost Boulder, Colorado. He completed his B.A. in English & Creative Writing at The George Washington University in 2008. Experiences at the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm are the primary source of any yogic inspiration David aka Sri Nivasa may express. He plays on Facebook Here and can be followed on Twitter Here

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