June 23, 2011

A Greening Effect: Mobile Solutions. ~ Lindsay McClure

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One device to rule them all.

And for the lucky ones you have a tablet.

David Snell, Chief Marketing Officer for QuickMobile, an app consulting firm based in Canada, speaks about how mobile technologies are revolutionizing the way business travelers work and play. An undeniable global focus on a greener environment has encouraged businesses to constantly look for methods to support the call for sustainability.

The Apple iPhone has been by best friend since the beginning in 2006 where my silver 2G is just too memorable to likely end up in scraps. Perhaps to it’s deathbed somewhere over in the far East—I will not let him go. Snell comments on how this phone started it all and how the iPhone was the frontrunner in the mobile revolution. The device has changed its outfit between prototypes but the iPhone 4 still stands by the same functional and fun morals, however now it is having a greening effect.

Snell has been to a lot of these conferences and at the end of each, he notices how brochures and waste pile up. LOHAS looked to change this by coming to QuickMobile with an idea of an online brochure. The LOHAS app is free in the Apple App Store, ultimately removing unnecessary waste.

Snell’s presentation was in no way an advertisement for Apple or QuickMobile, it was the realization that the mobile world is changing and this is for the best. Our phones are now our computers, our tablets are our organizers; they play movies, book flights even turn on our cars’ engines. These mobile devices are decreasing the footprint and changing our world.


Lindsay resides in Boulder, Colorado where she is studying Journalism and Environmental Studies as an undergrad at the University of Colorado. She is a true Aries, and her aura colors are violet/yellow. Lindsay spends most of her time with her best friend, a 5-year-old Siberian Husky/wolf mix, Nanuk. They can be seen climbing, running, and biking the paths of Boulder.

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