June 10, 2011

Horoscopes To Ease the Ego Via Debra Silverman

Before we get to the horoscopes, let’s talk about the relationship between yoga and astrology- both as old as the hills, and at the moment way too distant from each other. Astrology and yoga are both ancient sciences originated from a source long ago addressing the mastery of the body and the awareness of soul and it s function.  They both feed our spiritual appetite. They are unknowingly best friends.

Yoga ends in an ‘a’ and astrology begins with ‘a’ ending with a ‘y’ and of course yoga begins with …astrologyogastrologyoga. They are best friends but oh so different.

Yoga invites us to be. To stand away from the busy, noisy mind. An excellent yoga class is when you can’t remember what time it is or what day it is. You become lost in the flow, asana, breath and without ol’ whatshername. At last your ego is quieted. The practice of yoga cultivates the inner game and centers us into the now. Ideally your soul presence is heightened and focused.

A really good astrology session is just the opposite: a hour filled with words all about your uniqueness, your ego’s function., and the answers to the timing of the outer world. A good reading ought to have you deeply thinking about who you are and your quirks and lessons. Your astrologer will use a mandala of the sky from the moment and place of your birth to look into the mirror of your being. You sit still while someone tells you a story using words that have you exclaiming wow, yes that is so true of me. Now I get it. Is that what is going on?

One is without words and contributes to quieting your brain while the other  requires you move your body through all kinds of unusual poses.. Ultimately taking you into the land of savasana, where you stop time to take a break from the mind’s meanderings.

With astrology you don’t move, your mind is filled with words and ideally ought to have you spellbound by the truth of magic and the power of cosmic planetary timing. You are read to by a seer.

They serve two parts to us: our body and our mind.  Ever ask yourself why do you do yoga when the teacher asks you to remember what brought you to class? Why do we do yoga? Is it to keep the bodies’ systems clean, open and flexible?  Or is it as simple as the fact that we don’t want to get crispy and old, hard and closed.  Such important questions to consider..

Why do we get our charts done? To take some time to look up and ask the great mystery what is in the plan? What are we here to do to assist our species? We do these two practices to both gain wisdom and to serve the soul.

Our society is split between the personality, the ego and the soul. We need both. Even though the personality, the ego seems to be a burden, in this era of the Aquarian Age. As we enter this new phase since the 60s it is all about individuality. About you.

Astrology is a decoding system to assist you to understand yourself. Yoga help s you embody your temple called you. This is the dance of our times: ego to soul to ego to soul. Which one wins at your house?

Each sign struggles with the ego vs. the soul differently. Read on to find out your ego easing horoscope:

Aries: You can’t help but put your hardheaded truths into the moment and this is your function. To push us and life around in order to activate the tension between all things.  You keep us awake. You have a large ego that loves to run the show and have the opinions that are loud.

Taurus: You are soulful but often sacrificed by not having enough of an ego to stand up for your worth. You hate to hurt and yet you are here to push us into fairness—including your best interests too. Stand up for yourself while disclosing how hard that is for you.

Gemini:  You have a big personality even if it changes all the time. You are someone who longs to be seen and heard and yet you are too often doing the listening…at least for while, until you are bored. Make sure you are journaling or find someone who can really listen to you because you soul has to be heard.

Cancer: You are so sweet to people, such a caretaker. The problem is then you have leave all of a sudden because people are taking too much from you. They assume you love to give. This is what makes you soulful. You have to do what is right.. The Dalia Lama is a double Cancer who cares for others. Give just don’t forget to ask for what you need without whining about you. Once you decide what you want ask for it.

Leo: You have a big personality that can trump your soul every time. Give yourself a honest talking to. Ask yourself: am I giving to the other without complaining at all? Can I put my ego aside and just give selflessly? You have way more life force then just about any other sign.

Virgo: Your soul takes over and then you think of what else you ought to have done differently, better. I should have been a bit nicer, more generous—wrong.  You are doing the right thing just by the nature of your sincere desire to help and serve. You are a soulful being if only you could stop criticizing yourself or the other all the time. It is all good.

Libra: You are having a hard time these days. It is all about being able to tell the truth. You are scared. You are lonely. You want something new but you are unlikely to feel deserving of what you want. Your soul wants you to be adorned. Starting now. Or just apply the discipline and keep going.

Scorpio: You are a soulful being but it is not easy because you are always the one giving.  Who gives to you? And how do you ask? Are you secretly wondering how to reach your heights but too busy to slow down and prioritize because the world always calls your name?

Sagittarius What a crazy fun machine you are. No need to feel guilty or self-conscious. You are built to be the one to say what we all need to hear even if we don’t want to hear it. You be sure to listen when the same kind of truth comes your way. Humble yourself and ask, am I listening to my soul?

Capricorn: You can cut off from your tenderness but all the while you are serving your family, your workers, and your team. You do this for everyone out of a deep soulful urge but you just don’t call it that. You don’t need to talk spirituality to be spiritual. Just be sure to come on down and be soft with those that you really care about.

Aquarius: If only you could taper your rebelliousness for just a while we would all get to know you better. You cannot follow and this is a soul impulse that helps keep us and you alert and honest. Sometimes your personality really does need to be needed and seen. Let yourself trust this. You are human too.

Pisces: When you are ready to close the escape hatch and land on this planet with a secret plan to leave, we will know that you are doing your soul’s work. Your happiness is dependent on the mood of the day. Be careful to claim your inner world as your own so you are not so moody and affected by outer and inner feelings. Your soul came to land here on its own terms, quiet at times, noisy at others, but uniquely all the while. Stay true to that and you will find freedom.

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