June 13, 2011

I Listen to the Wind, to the Wind of My Soul… ~ Sarah Stevenson

Photo: Stefan Mueller

When I was 14 years old, I was introduced to Van Morrison. I fell in love at first sound…

”We were born before the wind, also younger than the sun, Ere the bonnie boat was one as we sailed into the mystic…Hark now hear the sailors cry, smell the sea and feel the sky, let your soul and spirit fly into the mystic.”

Growing up in a fundamental Christian home, you wouldn’t expect a girl like me to have any chance at turning into a soul-surfing hippy chic, but mystic goddess I am, through and through. Even before my Morrison encounter, I was always drawn to unexplainable areas of life; the awe-inspiring moments are my playground.

I have created a life that not only invites mysticism to enter in, but actually expects it, if not demands it (if that’s even possible). I have been keeping a synchronicity journal for many years, in which I write down synchronistic events (Synchronicity is the experience of two or more events that are apparently causally unrelated, or unlikely to occur together by chance, yet are observed to occur together in a meaningful manner. The concept of synchronicity was first described by Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung in the 1920’s).

I keep the journal with me constantly, and low and behold, am blessed with synchronicity nearly every day of my life ( I like to call them Jung kisses). I suppose it’s similar to buying a red BMW and then all of sudden, noticing how many red BMW’s there are on the road. I like to believe that mystics are those who expect the un-expectable and don’t necessarily need an explanation, but almost enjoy the inability to explain.

I have a wonderful example that just recently occurred. I have a close friend who designs insanely beautiful jewelry. We have a barter system going—since I love jewelry and she loves yoga, we trade my yoga classes for her jewelry.

Recently, she made me this gorgeous ruby necklace. If you know me, then you are smiling, knowing a red ruby necklace is right up my ally. From the moment I got it, I wore it constantly…as an anklet, bracelet or necklace.

Well, apparently there was a moment in time when I needed to take it off, because I lost it.


Yes, I know (insert a picture of a crying girl here). It was gone. I turned my entire house upside down looking for it, as well as my car and called every place I had been to that next day. A week went by, and finally I mustered up the courage to tell Jan that I lost the necklace and asked if she could make me another, at my cost of course.

She was so gracious (as always, yoga attracts some pretty awesome peeps), and she brought me a new one the next day. I put it on my wrist and would not had take it off if someone paid me.

So I go to sleep, and I have this insane dream in which I find the necklace that was lost. In the dream, I am taking the necklace apart and my friend is saying, “Why in the world would you do that?” I tell him, “I intend to make something of the stones, now hush.” Being the mystic that I am, I also have a dream journal in which I write down each and every dream that I remember.

Throughout history, people have sought meaning in dreams or divination through dreams. Dreams have also been described physiologically as a response to neural processes during sleep, psychologically as reflections of the subconscious, and spiritually as messages from gods, the deceased, predictions of the future, or from the Soul. Many cultures practice dream incubation with the intention of cultivating dreams that are prophetic or contain messages from the divine.

So onto the good stuff—

I wake up, write my dream down about finding the necklace, and get dressed for my Sunday Yoga class that I teach. I notice it’s super windy outside, so I grab my turquoise sweater and head out to class. I go to lunch after, and then head to Ikea to buy some frames. When I get out of the car, I notice the wind once again and drop my keys in my purse so I can place my hands in my little pockets to keep them warm.

Guess what I felt in my pocket? I will give you a hint…it’s red and gold, had previously been missing, and was in my dream.

Ding Ding Ding, you guessed it. It was my long lost ruby necklace. Man oh man, was I thrilled for two reasons—
1. I dreamt that I found my necklace, so it proved my premonitions are working, and…
2. I love that necklace, so now I have not only one, but two of them.

Just when you think life can’t get any more mystical, I get into my car, and the first song that comes on is The Wind by Cat Stevens—“I listen to the wind, to the wind of my soul, where I end up, well I think only god really knows…”


After all, if it hadn’t been so darn windy out, I would have never grabbed that sweater that was holding my ruby necklace for me.

So I ask you, my dear friends, to start expecting the un-expectable and falling toward the unexplainable and “magnificently, we will float into the mystic…”



Sarah Stevenson, a.k.a., The Tini Yogini, is a Certified Yoga Instructor
with a degree in Behavioral Psychology, serving Orange County
California through yoga classes and teaching life affirming workshops.
You can visit her here.

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