June 23, 2011

Dr. Jean Houston tells us the Time is Now. ~ Emily Casey

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Dr. Jean Houston’s presence is warm and familiar like your second grade teacher. Adorned in a long velvet sparkling coat she emanates an air of majesty. Her words are infused with contagious zeal and deep understanding.

Dr. Houston echoed my own thoughts and feelings, but from an angle of extensive research and experience. She says, we’ve lived the good times…we’re living the great times. To reach a fully realized society we must first actualize our individual human potential. As the most important people to have lived we are choosing the fate of everything— to die or to grow.

What qualities of the mind/body/spirit must we cultivate to achieve a planetary society?

We need passion, deep listening, music, women, and vision.

A partnership that’s never existed is rising— the union of male and female forces. In her conversation with the Dalai Lama he says, “The women of the West will make the change.”

While studying African communities, Dr. Houston learns the way they resolve disputes and come up with new ideas is not much like the linear presentations and papers we are accustom to creating. Instead they create through music, dance, and singing.

Photo: kidnurse

Engaging the audience, Dr. Houston starts a traditional African call and response.

Ay ya ya ya

Ay ya ya ya

Ya ya ya hay

Ya ya ya hay

Art allows us to tap into the structure of the universe shining light on the way things are made. When we enter into this creative space of flow everything is available to us. Dr. Houston speaks of Balinese culture where people do not just create art they become it. It is in these “leaky margins” that divine knowledge is accessible and we align with a power beyond ourselves.

Dr. Houston quotes author of the Yoga Sutra, Patanjali:

“We access all information by becoming it through the focus of our intention.”

With enthusiasm and confidence she closes by telling the invigorated audience:

“Be not afraid, we are made for these times.”


Emily is passionate about creative expression, hugs, breathing, traveling, and experiencing the natural world. She plays, sings, and dances in the magical mountains of Boulder, Colorado. Follow her on Twitter.

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