June 8, 2011

Velodrome, Velodream.

Velodream: There’s a pro velodrome coming to Boulder County.  Check out bouldervalleyvelodrome.com for membership information & news.

University Bikes has been my bike shop for many years (click here for my amateur-hour photo tour of the shop). I’m hoping to finally get my first road bike ever, this week, at the age of 36…so I can ride out and get out of Boulder (I don’t own a car) and just be gone and clear my head and relax and be present for hours at a time, in the hills and mountains and plains of Boulder.

If we build it, we will bike.

This Velodrome—I can’t wait—will join Valmont Bike Park in making Boulder, and the surrounding area, Bicycle Valhalla.

And yes, what Doug says: the bike is the greatest, simplest human invention ever—the cure for (just about) all the world’s (spiritual and environmental and health-related) ills.


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